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My favorite diaries:

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Beardsley profile - diary
comments: Young Aubrey had some weird thing going on with his sister.
Egon Schiele profile - diary
comments: Also had some weird thing going on with his sister.
Dorothea Lange profile - diary
comments: Didn't have any particularly weird thing going on.
JoelPeterWitkin profile - diary
comments: Has something weird going on all over the place.
Tolouse-Lautrec profile - diary
comments: Just a bit short.
Auguste Rodin profile - diary
comments: Sculptures you could ask out on a date.
Hans Bellmer profile - diary
comments: He made the scariest dolls.

My favorite music:

Sonic Youth
comments: When I was small, I listened to them. Then I became a grown-up.
80s stuff
comments: From the cheesy (Spandau Ballet) to post-punk (Jesus & Mary Chain or Killing Joke)
Touch and Go Records
comments: BEST RECORD LABEL EVER. I like anything on Touch and Go.
comments: I like pianos. I like these people who wrote things for pianos. I also like Claudio Monteverdi, but he couldn't write things for pianos. And Conlon Nancarrow, who wrote stuff for mechanical pianos. And Sir Peter Maxwell Davies.
Grizzly Bear
comments: Also, Arcade Fire.

My favorite movies:

Welcome to the Dollhouse
comments: Top-shelf high school kind of movie.
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
comments: A charming tale about a tired guy in a skivvy.
Picnic at Hanging Rock
comments: The scene where that English dude is standing around near the lake with swans on it is my most favourite scene in all cinema. Don't know exactly why.
The Proposition
comments: Yeah, I liked it a lot.
comments: Cue noisy mimes. Angry photographer wanders around a bit and doesn't solve a mystery. Angry photographer befriends mimes.

My favorite authors:

Ishmael Reed
comments: beware : do not read this poem is THE BEST POEM EVER WRITTEN.
Patrick Suskind
comments: Perfume is my most favourite book, ever.
E E Cummings
comments: he is liiiiiiii i ike re ally good
Elizabeth Gaskell
comments: North and South is cool. Also, Wives and Daughters, however be warned - it doesn't end.
Patrick Hamilton
comments: Everyone, read The West Pier. You'll cackle as evilly as the main character.

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