this is really all about me.

sure there are some occasional guest stars.

some romantic leads.

some crazy adventures.

some shady schemes.

the occasional adrenaline packed thrill ride.

seldom a heart warming tale for the ages.

but mostly, its me.

a brutal experience of the art of self absorbtion.

proud narcissism.

obsession with self defeat.

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My favorite music:

comments: miles davis, john coltrane, ella fitzgerald, frank sinatra, blossom dearie, count basie, benny goodman, django rheinhardt, and of course louis armstrong
rock and roll
comments: cursive, bright eyes(die.), dexies midnight runners, and i honestly cant think of any others. though i promise that there are more. actually no there aren't...
rock and roll for Jesus
comments: switchfoot, stavesacre(yay), pedro the lion(hooray), blindside, waterdeep
bands from the nineties
comments: nirvana(suck), smashing pumpkins, semisonic, r.e.m.(suck), the cardigans, the spice girls(how old are you?), sublime(way too redundant), greenday(kill myself), the offspring,
Captain America
comments: He is amazing.

My favorite movies:

top five john cusack movies
comments: 1. better off dead 2. say anything 3. high fidelity 4. gross point blank 5. serendipity (i know everyone hated it, but i thought it was good)
top five movies that teach you how to be cool
comments: 1. the tao of steve 2. swingers 3. the big lebowski 4. roger dodger 5.high fidelity
top five movies that made me wish i was in love
comments: 1. amelie 2. love actually 3.moulin rouge 4. sabrina 5. casablanca
top five movie characters that i claimed were just like me.
comments: 1. kenneth branagh (how to kill your neighbors dog) 2. thora birch (ghost world) 3. jim carrey (eternal sunshine of the spotless mind) 4. harvery pekar (american splendor) 5.remo with one e (the pain within)
my top five directors, and or screenwriters
comments: 1. quentin tarentino (writer/director) 2. christopher nolan (writer/director) 3 charlie kaufman (writer) 4.tim burton (writer/director) 5. joel schumacker (just kidding. everything he touches turns to crap.) the real number 5. kevin smith (writer/director

My favorite authors:

the unkown author
comments: this space is reserved for whoever it is that will come and blow me away.
Billy Collins
comments: He is a poet. For a living. He is one of the only people on the planet who can say that.
Charles Bukowski
comments: i wish that when i am old i will be just as drunk and surly as he.
Ryan Connell
comments: This is me. Yeah, I'm pretty awesome.
Jack Kerouc
comments: They will always be the ones responsible for making me want to be a writer.

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