still waiting...

A picture in grey, Dorian Gray

Just me, by the sea

And I felt like a star,

I thought the world could go far

If they listened to what I said

The Ocean, the Ocean washes my feet

Splashes the soul of my shoes

When I looked around, The world couldn't be found

Just me by the sea...

My favorite diaries:

papotheclown profile - diary
comments: Fellow traveler on the lost highway

My favorite music:

comments: "i can't be sure of anything, black is white, and cold is heat...what i worshipped stole my love away, the ground beneath her feet"
dashboard confessional
comments: something corporate, further seems forever, saves the day, and you will know us by the trail of dead...
ben folds
comments: in time i, will fade away...
paranoid starr, the livingstones,dreaming of the fifth
comments: ex-bands of mine
my spacecoaster
comments: shame that lamonica's gigantic ego fucked up a really good band

My favorite movies:

comments: "this camp's gonna be full of skinny winners"
michael moore films
comments: Farenheit 911, Bowling for Columbine, Roger and Me, and the best tv show ever, "The Awful Truth"
million dollar hotel
comments: by far the best movie i have ever seen
rattle and hum
comments: great u2 documentary
shawshank redemption
comments: dead poet's society, UHF, slapshot 1 & 2, road trip, adventures in babysitting, any of the muppet movies

My favorite authors:

david brock
comments: i relate to his republican to democrat transition
william golding
comments: lord of the flies
comments: i write [poorly] quite frequently
al franken
comments: "Lies, and the lying liars that tell them" may be the best book title ever
jack kerouc
comments: "on the road" is still one of my favorites

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