stary hearts and rain drops

Where the sun and the rain meet, a rainbow seems often to appear. In the twinkling of stars dreams are born. In the midnight sky wishes come true. And in the morning you wake up and life begins. At the age of 36 I am looking still to discover what that can mean, with the right dreams longing to become realities.

"Dreams are true while they last, and do we not live in dreams?"

My favorite diaries:

cyberpurple profile - diary
comments: She has a gift to make me really think about life :) Thank you! EMMA's New Site is now
fightn4life profile - diary
comments: A Compasionate lady with a kindness of heart :)
theturtle profile - diary
comments: Came across this guy & his cats..single lookin for love.. I like Turtles :)
breatheasigh profile - diary
comments: A Pretty girl with a wonderful way with words :)
camera-girl profile - diary
comments: AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHY....A Picture says 10,000 words in this girl's photo hobby.....just amazing stuff!!!!!
lobo21 profile - diary
comments: A Nice Guy & a good friend & TOO Darn Cute for words :)
rebeckajane profile - diary
comments: always coming up with something interesting to say
fairygodmum profile - diary
comments: loved her title just starting to read her as of today
nicim profile - diary
comments: A Complex Life..but never dull! :)
cunhell profile - diary
comments: nicim moved to her new site :)
janetplnetoc profile - diary
comments: WWWD - What Would Woodstock Do (Snoopy's little pal :)
peachfront profile - diary
comments: Raises Peachfront Conures....from the birding diaryring directory
straysparrow profile - diary
comments: Just started reading..lives in BC which peaked my interests
mskindasorta profile - diary
comments: Could read her diary EVERY DAY :)
sduckie profile - diary
comments: A new d-land buddy to read :o) the name too!!! SHE IS AMAZING!
exclamatory profile - diary
comments: Friendly and discovering life ..ah to be 21 again.... :o) Where does time go?
left-undone profile - diary
comments: a wonderful long time friend :)
bindyree profile - diary
comments: just started reading a new diary :)
cocoabean profile - diary
comments: chocolate webdesign..yummmm lol
curiouoso profile - diary
comments: Has a dog who sleeps with him :)
karbonphyber profile - diary
comments: Sounds like a nice guy looking for someone to enjoy life with
megmarch profile - diary
comments: new banner I ran across and just new to start reading now
poolagirl profile - diary
comments: a new read, a friend of one of the above but don't ask me who again LOL..
summerfever profile - diary
comments: teacher i think :)
casa-rosie profile - diary
comments: Great sense of humour :)
theratqueen profile - diary
brightopal profile - diary
my5cents profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments: I love quiet music without words...just something to sit, relax and think to...time to just "be"
Barry Mantelow
comments: Has to be the best .....awwwww.......
Love Songs
comments: Hopeless Romantic at Heart...... I just like them
John Denver
comments: Sing along at the top of my lungs....ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH......
The Radio
comments: I listen to it more than anything else these whatever is on I am singing along in my car!

My favorite movies:

The Notebook
comments: A story of romance and genuine love at its best
You Have Mail
comments: Another romance - kind of fun though
Under the Tuscan Sun
comments: wonderfully dreamy landscapes and story line
When A Man Loves A Woman
comments: kind of life as it is lived with issues of alcoholism...a tough but good storyline
Around the World In 80 Days
comments: Action packed and a Jackie Chan movie- pretty good as they usually are

My favorite authors:

Tony Castle
comments: Amazing thought provoking quotes and reflections
Beverly Lewis
comments: Amish stories that allow you to share in their lifestyles and imagine
Chaim Potock
comments: A discovery into the world of Jewish fiction
Lillian Braun
comments: The Cat Who..... An innocent mystery series which I love to spend hours reading

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