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The wench is a crazy old woman living in the body of a mostly young thing. She is barren, feisty, switch who loves to sub, often angry, too giving, generous and open. She alternates between unbridled enthusiasm and procrastinating apathy. Seldom understood, often causing discomfort and fear, much to her consternation... a select few find her loving, gentle and a loyal friend, high on the integrity scale. Welcome.

My favorite diaries:

owcowkee profile - diary
comments: My first favorite, never updates anymore (well, once a month) and changes templates alot.
meeyapede profile - diary
comments: woman with a brain and a mouth (or a keyboard...) crunchychewey for the mind
sleepyzoe profile - diary
comments: I can just relate way too much to this woman's relationship tribulations. A writer from the heart.
squirrelx profile - diary
comments: Have no clue how she manages to find so many excellent quotes, links and STILL write long entries, but it is a goldmine. yumyum
sugaslice profile - diary
comments: An orangey slice to help me learn Spanglish... yay!
loonasea profile - diary
comments: (was qira) queer exnun who likes corsets and wrist restraints. Engaging writing.
perceptionss profile - diary
comments: thoughtful thoughts to go with thoughtful photos.
pura-vida profile - diary
comments: gorgeous template, reflective words and kickass opinions in excellent vocabulary
dangerspouse profile - diary
comments: a goofy badboy who writes long fascinating stories
onewetleg profile - diary
comments: girl's been through some shit and what a sweetie. We like her!
radiogurl profile - diary
comments: who i'd be if I'd had kids at 20, and lived in Arizona
sasori-gal profile - diary
comments: Full of life teacher in Japan! going out with a gangsta! :)
s-u-s-u profile - diary
comments: pretty housewife in Saudi Arabia who does no housework! hehe.
avalonte profile - diary
comments: she believes in guardian angels but not god and has a cutie kid
chaosdaily profile - diary
comments: hardworking self-employed baking chocoholic
kaetchen profile - diary
comments: cool knitter
im2evil4u profile - diary
comments: a new read... great photographer. We'll see how it goes
manic-vent profile - diary
comments: our favorite batman addict
moodymelinda profile - diary
comments: very sweet Norwegian mom who hates skiing which is a national sin
pitbullshark profile - diary
comments: The name says it all! Grasps an idea and shakes it till all the interesting bits fall out into plain sight!
mom-on-roof profile - diary
comments: This woman cracks me up. I don't know if it is the stories or the writing, but it cracks me up.
iambucket profile - diary
comments: we agree on Stockard Channing!
breezip profile - diary
comments: a new read, sf dyke who has great politics, writes about food, and likes "Little Darlings" AND Jonathan Richman! wow!
lv2write00 profile - diary
comments: a wordy lesbian! yay!
maidenofskye profile - diary
comments: animal lover with a heart of gold and a head on her shoulders: missing in action
hissandtell profile - diary
comments: Dang, why isn't she already on here? A collection addict, and poses all her handbags next to floggers. who knew?!!
ava-reborn profile - diary
comments: The rebirth of Avalonte of course!!
f-i-n profile - diary
comments: Finally a new favorite. Wonderful photos of amazing things. and writing to take your breath away.
bluemeany profile - diary
comments: heck, I gotta add her, she moved back here from blogspot! What a trooper!
pennyjar profile - diary
comments: oh THERE she is, thank GOD! a good reason to come back to diaryland
brightopal profile - diary
comments: one of my oldest diaryland buddies
scullerymaid profile - diary
comments: Adventures and nonadventures of a fag hag. New add.
cocoabean profile - diary
comments: An old favorite!

My favorite music:

Lene Lovich
comments: one in a million people
The Murmurs
comments: smile and cry
Goran Bregovic
comments: Wild dancing crazy gypsy movie music
50 Cents
comments: I am a P-I-M-P: makes me nostalgic for Detroit
Jonathan Richman
comments: Liliane comics done in music by a straight boy

My favorite movies:

comments: feels like HOME, love the cop
comments: feels like real life, makes me feel less alone in disaster
Evil Dead 2
comments: Craziness, "how to make a cheap horror flick with humour"
La Vie en Rose
comments: Little boy wears a skirt (french)
comments: Dykes' lives go all wrong when Mom shows up: nonstop (italian)

My favorite authors:

Carol Queen
comments: Bisexual kink that actually turns me on
Lynda Barry
comments: Comics and novel that are heartbreakingly tragicomic real
Laura Antoniou
comments: Marketplace kink: will you lose your love to ownership??
Evelyn Lau
comments: Words like jewels: hurtful mirror reflections of life
Oscar Wilde
comments: True to himself and his heartfelt vision of the world. Snarky and loving.

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