Excerpts From The Psych Ward


My name is Emily. I'm 25 now and very much alive. I am doing well. I never thought I'd ever be able to say that and actually have it be true.

My favorite diaries:

brokendollie profile - diary
comments: "Oh, if you could have felt the Earth Cry tonight. If you could have heard Her Sing. If you could have synchronised your Heartbeat to Her Breath..."
breakthedark profile - diary
comments: "There is no way I could carve you out of me, or remove the taste. Or un-tell the story, so that you were not ... the one I sat in the sunlight once again for. "
speranza- profile - diary
comments: "i swear i felt like the gothic ice princess of Subway or someting... All i needed was the lipstick to complete it, and i'd have been HOT. "
emaciana profile - diary
comments: Tianne. LOCKED "it's added control. knowing that what i'm doing is bad for myself and doing it anyway. they can't stop me. their opinions cannot touch me. they might not even care. but they will when i diminish to a skeletal corpse.&qu
oceans-depth profile - diary
comments: "The only time She's there for you is inside your Dreams. The only thing She's ever given you so far is Broken promises with Butterfly Wings... You have made this Girl your whole world."
dimstar profile - diary
comments: Gwen. "I really want to be better, I do. But it is so difficult. I imagine myself as being thinner, sitting with a cold coffee, studying in the cafeteria in college. And I am happy. But being thinner doesn't make you happy..." **in recovery
mirrors-lie profile - diary
comments: "I always said I wouldn't survive school."
onecutabove profile - diary
comments: "My mom said, "What's a week when you can get your life back?" She thinks this is the magical fucking cure. Not quite."
suzza profile - diary
comments: "Is it possible to be tiny and happy, thin and healthy?" "But I find that I have more friends daily. I think that's what happens when you make friends with yourself."
mslioness819 profile - diary
comments: "If you only knew what I know and how the truth will never escape because the air cannot hold such a devastating blow."
anainsight profile - diary
comments: Carole. "I feel like I'm coming back to life."
just-fine profile - diary
comments: Claire. "I wish i could feel clean inside. Turn myself inside out and empty the filth away." "My disorted reflection, mirrored through smashed glass, a friend that stabs me in the back."
sharpsecret profile - diary
comments: "bulimia is like a seperate person from me that i have to cover up all the time, and deal with the things that she makes me do."
lostunicorn profile - diary
comments: "My moods are still unorganised/My depression still faintly in the air/My eating is non-existent but at least I am still here"
alexiaaa profile - diary
comments: "I was born with this disorder and i am going to die with it. It�s inevitable, written in my DNA... And I really don�t think anything can help me."
black-bunny profile - diary
comments: "uh-oh, uh-oh, it's back to therapy I go..."
getinline profile - diary
comments: "Yeah. My lungs were completely fried by the end of the week, not only from smoking cigarettes but also because I got high every night as well. I'm a bad kid :)"
imanobody00 profile - diary
comments: "My fat is coming back, the scales dont show it, but I feel it! ITs coming over me and I know it is and I can feel it on me."
enurta profile - diary
comments: "Oh well. Who cares? I'm just so sick of eating and throwing up."
beauthentic profile - diary
comments: "It's so weird being told "You are ready to move on" - you know?"
storms-faith profile - diary
comments: "Well...this is a new blog, so i can express everything i need to and hide away from the world."
sadhaven profile - diary
comments: public diary for people with depression
xxplaydeadxx profile - diary
comments: "Fucking bitch. I threw the last resse's cup at her and told her to eat it then."
x-razor-x profile - diary
comments: "I'm mad at myself. I can't do this stuff again. I don't know what the fuck is happening to me."
vadam profile - diary
comments: Vada
razor-vixen profile - diary
comments: living the spa life
konzadiary profile - diary
comments: confessions of a lesbian housewife
anaz-gurl profile - diary
comments: she killed herself... may she rest in peace
xeison profile - diary
comments: "Tears and blood, the perfect watercolour."
imhers4ever profile - diary
comments: BJ
ungenderless profile - diary
comments: "So the truth was that it wasn't the transgender issues that made me lose my attraction to Jen. It was the knowledge that the person whom I had given my heart to for ten years, never really loved me."
w-barbie profile - diary
comments: "Last night was a wake up call. I�m really and truly plummeting into unknown territory. I found myself shoveling food down my throat on auto pilot."
karacakes profile - diary
comments: really good erotica
marylyn profile - diary
comments: "p.s. i started eating again. just very little. yay me!!!!"
denied83 profile - diary
comments: Kirstin
writergrrl88 profile - diary
comments: LOCKED, no longer active
infinityfye profile - diary
comments: "Thence we came forth to rebehold the stars." (Dante: The Divine Comedy; Inferno)
rejazz profile - diary
comments: LOCKED. "I think I'm hitting that stage again where I feel so bad for my fat self that I could care less if I never eat."
xxsorrowxx profile - diary
comments: LOCKED. "I just want to sleep forever...."
derek-n-eli profile - diary
comments: Elizabeth
nakedbarista profile - diary
comments: a fellow NaNo-er
bazling profile - diary
comments: a fellow NaNo-er
broken214 profile - diary
for--you profile - diary
comments: LOCKED
twoturtles profile - diary
comments: LOCKED, a fellow NaNo-er
lovelynight profile - diary
comments: LOCKED
illusionless profile - diary
comments: Emily's new diary
thatgirlx profile - diary
comments: Angel

My favorite music:

comments: "she's not the kind of girl who likes to tell the world about the way she feels about herself"
comments: "call my name and save me from the dark"
comments: "i need you to know/ i'm not through the night/ somedays i'm still fighting to walk towards the light/I need you to know/that we'll be ok/together we can make it through another day"
Tori Amos
comments: "every day I crucify myself" and Fiona Apple
Sarah McLachlan
comments: "I pull you from your tower/I take away your pain/and show you all the beauty you possess"

My favorite movies:

The Ring I & 2
comments: before you die you see the ring
The X-Files: FTF
comments: "Next time, you're buying." -Mulder
Lord Of The Rings
comments: one ring to rule them all
The DaVinci Code
comments: she rests at last beneath the starry skies
Forrest Gump
comments: "Dear God, make me a bird. So I could fly far. Far far away from here." -Jenny

My favorite authors:

Leo Tolstoy
comments: 'Anna Karenina', 'Walk In The Light While There Is Light' and 'War and Peace'
J.R.R. Tolkein
comments: 'The Hobbit' and 'Lord Of The Rings' trilogy
Dostoevsky and Upton Sinclair
comments: 'Crime and Punishment' and 'The Jungle'
Herman Melville
comments: 'Moby-Dick'
Stephen King
comments: oh, I love all of them

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