the coarse tide reflects the sky


\Chol"er*a\, n. [L., a bilious disease. See Choler.] (Med.)

<gastroenterology, microbiology> A form of infectious gastroenteritis (intestinal infection) that results in frequent watery stools, cramping abdominal pain and eventual collapse (from dehydration).

My favorite diaries:

ripetomato profile - diary
comments: I LOEV TEH LARA
bluetshirt profile - diary
comments: roofles
hapithoughts profile - diary
comments: If anyone were to dyke it out with my girlfriend, I'd want it to be her.
ripelog profile - diary
comments: So I can feel like I'm around, when I'm not around.
ripecam profile - diary
comments: So I can see my baybe when she's so far away.
scanzilla profile - diary
comments: yea-h
quietthought profile - diary
porktornado profile - diary
jwinokur profile - diary

My favorite music:

The Smashing Pumpkins
Aphex Twin
Amon Tobin
Tenacious D
White Zombie
comments: Sigur R�s � Radiohead� Beastie Boys � Portishead � Foghat � Blue T-Shirt � Bjork � Zwan � The Flaming Lips � Cake � Grandmaster Flash � The Beta Band

My favorite movies:

Orange County
comments: Or any movie with Jack Black
Back To The Future
comments: Michael J. Fox AND Crispin Glover! Who couldn't love this movie?
Wet Hot American Summer
comments: Donnie Darko � Almost Famous � Edward Scissorhands � Ghost World � American Psycho � 12 Monkeys � Wayne's World 2 � The Never Ending Story � Thumb Wars � The Dark Crystal

My favorite authors:

George Orwell
Herman Hesse
comments: ~ Tasty!!
John, Luke, Mark, Matthew, et al
comments: The Bible - A timeless fable. My favourite character was Jesus, it's sad when he dies.

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