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"I listen to the wind, to the wind of my soul. Where I'll end up well I think only God really knows."

-Cat Stevens

My favorite diaries:

yellowglove profile - diary
comments: still updates! believe it... or not!
shanono profile - diary
comments: she's moved!
knownunknown profile - diary
comments: also moved:
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My favorite music:

Matt Nathanson
comments: what's not to like, really? between his crazy emotional songs and his long, ridiculous stories, he just may be my long-lost twin...
Jason Mraz

My favorite movies:

The Royal Tenenbaums
comments: my entire family loves it- I mean, it's basically about us, you know, a "family of geniuses"... :)
Waiting For Guffman
comments: come on, a mockumentary about quirky theater peeps? I'm all over it!
Oceans Eleven
comments: I know they are con-artists, but can they please be my friends??
The Darjeeling Limited
comments: stuck on a train with your brothers on a long trip through india? yes, please!!
The Wedding Singer
comments: no matter what's going on, it can make me smile.

My favorite authors:

A.J. Jacobs
comments: he writes the books I'd love to write! (if I have the time and talent, of course)
John Eldredge
comments: for anyone who's into spiritual stuff, check out his 2nd and 4th books... he throws a whole new spin on life
Douglas Coupland
comments: he wrote a book called "Microserfs" about a nerdy engineery guy who wrote an extensive journal about all of his friends- how could I have not liked it?

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