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My favorite diaries:

jumblygiant profile - diary
porktornado profile - diary
thedailywtf profile - diary
comments: She says all the things I wish I could say without sounding like the complete asshole Boyfriend believes me to be sometimes
sallydallydo profile - diary
comments: The sideways booty grin had me sold....
mreieio profile - diary
comments: Not quite sure what the appeal is yet, maybe it's all the pretty pictures =0)
ontv profile - diary
biodtl profile - diary
comments: "Sure, I could have dragged my ass over to WalMart (or Satan's Asshole, as I like to call it)..." I just like her for her hatred for Walmart and a funny dog poop story.
toiletwater profile - diary
comments: This is what started it all:
indrid-cold profile - diary
comments: I've been reading him for a while, just did not add him to my profile.
plopphizz profile - diary
comments: He's back, this makes me blissfully GIDDY!
iamjackslie profile - diary
comments: I like to read his comments about his world.
orangello profile - diary
smedindy profile - diary
realchild profile - diary
wickedcrazy profile - diary
janegamma profile - diary
i-am-jack profile - diary
tragicskies profile - diary
smartypants profile - diary
portlypete profile - diary
toastcrumbs profile - diary
curious-me profile - diary
Dangerspouse profile - diary

My favorite music:

Raul Malo
comments: Love. Him.
The Mavericks
comments: My favorite band in the WHOLE friggin world!!! Screw that mainstream love Lavene or something!Two words....EDDIE PEREZ!!! God, that man is HOT! Oh, and I simply ADORE Raul Malo's voice. Although adore may not even begin to describe h
Deep Forest
comments: Yeah, it's my weird bird chirpping shit.....well, that's how my sister describes it anyway.
Glen Miller
comments: Who says that great music has to be new stuff? One (notice I said ONE) of the pioneers of recorded music.
comments: Mythos, Enya, Cranberries, Dead Can Dance, Frank Sinatra, Too many to ame

My favorite movies:

Nightmare Before Christmas
comments: Ooohhhh I am obsessed!
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
comments: "Violet, you're tuonkarning violet, Violet!"
The Rock
comments: Who knows what the appeal of this movie is to me, but I have seen it over 60 times, maybe more.
comments: I'll call it my comfort movie. I'm not sure why, but I put it in when I am feeling down
Gone with the Wind
comments: Oh to be like Scarlett

My favorite authors:

Terry Brooks
comments: I love the Landover series
Anne Rice
comments: What isn't sexy about a vampire?
Stephen King
comments: It scared the shit out of me, I STILL refuse to walk by storm drains
comments: I have several books on Biblical history.
Christian Jacq
comments: I love the Ramses series

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