Can pictures tell just as much about your life as words? I think so. I'd love to be in your gallery or take pictures for you. Just e-mail me. Enjoy!

My favorite diaries:

cubiclegirl profile - diary
comments: I am obsessed with this woman. She is my hero.
antijamsect profile - diary
comments: A little dramatic, but beautiful poetry nonetheless. Dramatic poetry is always the best really. I Like her.
pezpunka profile - diary
comments: Just found him. I like so far, and will keep you posted.
thebadone profile - diary
comments: Because she lists bell hooks as a favorite author. And because lesbians are just cooler than other people.
gurliestyle profile - diary
comments: She links my lady the cubegirl and her photography is amazing.
ruounik profile - diary
comments: My 12 year old gal pal from Japan. We met on diaryland chat. She's kyoot!
kashmir profile - diary
comments: First person I don't know who linked me. Yay!! Link me and I'll link you.
poetickiss profile - diary
comments: Linked me too. : )
raven72d profile - diary
comments: The first person to add a note. He's cool too. Rock on. : )
dlandbdays profile - diary
comments: Never feel neglected on your birthday ever again! Diarylanders helping other diarylanders have nice birthdays.
mutster101 profile - diary
comments: This English chap is quite lovely. I always love a people who link me.
sickofshadow profile - diary
comments: Beautifully designed site, simple and elegant. She linked me : ).
orpheusd0wn profile - diary
comments: Listed me as a favorite and left a note! What a great guy. Nice site too.
whinybutt profile - diary
comments: Definitely a cool chick. : )
phaeacia profile - diary
comments: A nice lass. Very pretty site design as well.
sprhrgrl profile - diary
comments: ...supporting my theory about lesbians. (see thebadone's comment)
i-love-straw profile - diary
comments: Beautiful lyrical entries.
dearcynthia profile - diary
comments: More beautiful design. This is starting to make me think about redesigning myself...
stardwarf profile - diary
comments: Sorry about all the asthetic instead of content related comments, but hey thats me. The first thing I said when I went to this diary was oooh, pretty background. I love it. And I usually hate bacgrounds, so that's saying a lot.
rosecongo profile - diary
comments: This girl's a cutie, I had fun reading her diary.
labeled-girl profile - diary
ihearthockey profile - diary
lastseraphim profile - diary
sillieshamma profile - diary
grasp profile - diary
meganlala profile - diary
relz16 profile - diary
glenjamin profile - diary
invisibledon profile - diary
lifeasarerun profile - diary
erica2175 profile - diary
moonsocket profile - diary
abendbrot profile - diary
glowfilled profile - diary
micamoo � profile - diary
morrigan-aa profile - diary
pinklebean profile - diary
cuillin profile - diary
s-l-e-e-p-y profile - diary
sloth profile - diary
frenchpress profile - diary
alioth profile - diary
winter-ends profile - diary
scorpioali profile - diary
kattikins profile - diary
hardest-item profile - diary
brokencrayon profile - diary
meggoddess profile - diary
bluering profile - diary
angelicagirl profile - diary

My favorite music:

Tracy Chapman
comments: Her words go right into my insides.
comments: Melodic, moody and sexy. What else is there to say really?
Sleater Kinny
comments: I love this band! Yes, yes I do.
John Frusciante
comments: Of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Yes he has a solo album. Yes it rocks my world. Who'd have thunk it?
Ani DiFranco
comments: An old love. But classic. Yes, classic.

My favorite movies:

In The Name of the Father
Smoke Signals
The Big Lebowski

My favorite authors:

Orson Scott Card
Octavia E. Butler
Sue Monk Kidd
Toni Morrison
bell hooks

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