d�j� vu

this is my life.

i'm a 19 year-old girl. i'm lost and i'm trying to figure out what i'm doing with my life. i'm paranoid, schizophrenic, and incredibly hypersensitive.

My favorite diaries:

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comments: my dream diary (spanish for the dreamer)
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comments: my photo diary
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comments: I can't help but smile when I read it!
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comments: "Knock Shit Off People�s Coffee Tables with Your New and Improved Cock Size"
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comments: "Yes, I'm a dork, I enjoy learning the history of music. You can send me pencils and dorky sweaters, thank you very much."
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comments: "Why does my cat feel the need to lick my armpit? Jeez, what a weirdo! I don't like licking armpits. I mean sometimes, but not a lot."
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comments: just a girl. kinda like me. trying to make it through the tangled web of adolescence
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comments: i like this place. even though i design my own, it's still pretty cool.
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comments: i designed this layout as well.
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comments: just photos. just really great photos. i feel kind of selfish putting this one on here. i have a lot of diaries, and this is the one i go to first because i don't have to read anything... i'm so damn lazy!
sxb profile - diary
stella056 profile - diary
comments: "Do you think there's anyone that pronounces 'answers' like an-swer? Like, swer? If I ever met someone on the street that said 'an-swer' I would slap them."
bluesky83 profile - diary
comments: "i was the girl today who wanted to leap across lunch tables...run across campus, and yell beautiful words that would scream revolution."
tainted-lust profile - diary
comments: "i'm that girl that isn't perfect. i'm that girl who doesn't draw attention. i'm that girl afraid to speak. i'm that girl you don't miss. i'm that girl you don't love. i'm that girl ... "
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comments: "I was sort of leaning over in my chair, right on the edge of falling, so I just thought 'What the hell'."
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My favorite music:

Nelly Furtado
comments: the best. otherworldy, poetic, incredible.
Avril Lavigne
comments: true to herself.
Natalie Imbruglia
comments: i dig this chick.
Fiona Apple
comments: lyrical genius. poetry in motion.
Mariah Carey
comments: I don't agree with the way she presents herself most of the time, but she has an amazing voice.

My favorite movies:

American Beauty
comments: all i need is a video camera, a plastic bag, and some wind...
The Wedding Singer
comments: Adam Sandler: the only guy that still looked hot with a mullet ... Well, him and Uncle Jesse.
Ferris Bueller
comments: classic
Wag the Dog
comments: funny.
comments: Strange. Just like me.

My favorite authors:

Sabrina Ward Harrison
Dean Koontz
Shel Silverstein
Susanna Kaysen

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