im feeling out of luck

live like you've never lost

love like you've never been hurt

dance like no one is watching

My favorite diaries:

E-Rawk profile - diary
comments: "aside from the winamp on with the volume low so i don't wake jen"
bobbipuzel profile - diary
comments: "I am such a sneak, oh the shame. :)"
punkgurly profile - diary
comments: "I'm just so tired of melting like m&ms in a little kids sweaty palm over some boy who hardly notices me"
spritopias profile - diary
comments: "If I were going to say that Jen is a good real estate agent I�d say, �Jen could sell a condo to anyone. Laura Bush would sell the White House and move on over to Connecticut.�
chadmuska profile - diary
comments: "hes looking for a brother around 8, if anyone has an extra"
jenkitty profile - diary
comments: "Or at least I think its a Hungarian recipe. Either way, its another reason to put on 5 lbs without the guilt"
s-l-e-e-p-y profile - diary
comments: "theres nothing like watching MTV to make you feel like your clothes arent good enough, your body is completely out of shape, and your hair looks like shit."
labeled-girl profile - diary
comments: "he once told me that where ever i went, love walked with me. i believed him so much that i'm walking alone. "
nbdysfool profile - diary
comments: i just met him but he watches Buffy. and i did get my sour cream :)
paper--heart profile - diary
comments: i was down...and she picked me up.
stiggyreview profile - diary
comments: reviewing for them. i like to share my opinion. it is for the betterment of all.
inherprime profile - diary
comments: proven reading random diaries is worth while.
liquidsin profile - diary
comments: reviewer at stiggy, has beliefs and morals i wish most people had. if they did, the world would be a better place.
some-trouble profile - diary
comments: she is such a stellar person. her life is worth the time to read.
jive13 profile - diary
comments: rachel, my best friend, soul mate, finally got a diary. im very excited. it will be funny to see both of our point of views, when we get in our fights ;)
fabulous-b profile - diary
unsentletter profile - diary
comments: i send one a day!
seekingme profile - diary
comments: she is the strong person we all want to be
rockbaby14 profile - diary
comments: "You plan for that perfect right angle, but you get something completely different than you planned. You get something greater than you planned for. You get an obtuse angle."
paintmytears profile - diary
comments: "well-worn t-shirt, fifty cents from salvation army, and one of a kind, feels like a second skin. big headphones attached to a big, old cd player listening to the cure and daydreaming" i think i have a twin
sunnflower profile - diary
comments: she just seems like the person you want as your close friend
tienesmiedo profile - diary
comments: she likes the yeah yeah yeahs. so i like her. yeah.
paper-girl profile - diary
comments: writes with clarity..and i like that!
kneesocks profile - diary
comments: she sent me to a porn site.
itsmylife profile - diary
comments: she likes camping!
ventricles profile - diary

My favorite music:

bright eyes
comments: you said you'd be my dream, i could have you every night, and if by morning id forgotten you, thatd be no big deal, thatd be alright because you are the reoccuring kind
comments: i run the piebald your support
ben kweller
comments: ben folds, ben harper
comments: saves the day, the get up kids, the starting line, the ataris
alkaline trio
comments: plain white t's, sunny day real estate, less than jake, boy sets fire, jets to brazil, pedro the lion

My favorite movies:

secret garden
youve got mail
comments: alright so i dont have the best taste in movies, but they are simple plots, and most of the time i watch movies stoned, so they cant make me think

My favorite authors:

jack kerouac
kurt v.

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