the amazing adventures of boofka and her bottom

boofka: mother,painter,illustrator,cook,gardener,builder,dancer,pseudo philosopher,pretend doctor,impatient patient,wicked ex-stepmother,fashion consultant,potential circus freak, professional bather,rockstar by association,slaughterer of the english language,ex cult leader,queen of australia,complete liar and diarist

My favorite diaries:

girls-suck profile - diary
comments: "If my relationships were a video game, Level 1 would be "Friends", Level 3 would be "Lovers", and Level 2 would be the one where the big octopus keeps killing me."
groundhogday profile - diary
comments: "I don't want guys to call me honey, pumpkin, or sugar. I want them to call me yogurt.".. you will laugh so hard non-dairy products will spurt out your nose
nondescript profile - diary
comments: "what's this "gold member" thing? isn't that a james bond porno?"
fancyfinn profile - diary
comments: " Look- I've been a professional songwriter for 2 minutes and already all i care about is the money!!" she's my best her to betsies
guildenstern profile - diary
comments: '' I would like Other People more if I didn't like myself so much."....brain strainingly brilliant...this is the diary i have been looking for my whole diaryland life
blu-iguana profile - diary
comments: beautifully brilliant......and she's got a purdy mouf
sapphosays profile - diary
comments: i want to paint her and her template{before she changed it to jesus..
castigada profile - diary
comments: muy goodness!
tower profile - diary
comments: it is slithy AND tovey
heckafresh profile - diary
comments: "guillotines"...what more could a queen want?
labeled-girl profile - diary
comments: she gets nightmares if she wears pants
dirtylinda profile - diary
comments: "and besides,they also have the burden of being white and having grown up in the suburbs. that shit hurts"
shutupmom profile - diary
drhead profile - diary
comments: "3. Realizing that I had not actually disturbed the fabric of space-time and left myself stranded in the same 10 seconds repeating themselves over and over again, but that I was on drugs.
fu-fu profile - diary
comments: "The advances in cat litter technology excite me. "
monkeyrobot profile - diary
comments: "A voice whispers: Please... "
accordingly profile - diary
comments: "We have worked hard to improve the standards of Diaryland. Now it must be destroyed. "
meenabell profile - diary
comments: " I'm not ALWAYS fun-and-games and losing eyeballs. "
explodingboy profile - diary
comments: " look at the stars.... go out and look at the stars!".. not only a boundary breaking diary.. but there's wuthering hieghts recitals too..
allumeuse profile - diary
comments: stop speaking french already!
ann-frank profile - diary
comments: " 6. Steve Winwood. Who let that happen?"
meism profile - diary
comments: there is much beauty here
smartypants profile - diary
comments: "if I see any more books about the "heroic" adventures of one more wealthy fuckhead who almost gets himself killed on Everest, I will set myself on fire like a goddamned Buddhist monk"
realjesus profile - diary
comments: "we got kicked out of caesar's too, but not before i was able to really give a few of those roman guards a piece of my mind"i shoulda put you here ages you too jesus!
genghis-jon profile - diary
comments: "you're a nipple".. ..enjoyably offensive
caudelac profile - diary
comments: "ren� is a major event in the jazz vocal ranks......... I'd rather be a banking holiday..."...the diary of a dead nazi
jinkguo profile - diary
officeass profile - diary
ivil profile - diary
how-i-lie profile - diary
ctran profile - diary
doublegemini profile - diary
escribi profile - diary
bucolic profile - diary
dailycarrot profile - diary
smoog profile - diary
comments: i do like her brain...even though its been tampered with
quoted profile - diary
hangover profile - diary
comments: he likes The Who....but still its a good read
not-a-finger profile - diary
happyascrap profile - diary
comments: "but sometimes an attraction to someone is like buying the umpteenth reissue of a Bowie album. It's the same damn thing you've heard before, only with prettier packaging and a more irritating price tag."
zuleika profile - diary
pablo profile - diary
comments: "My name is Paul, and I am an anti-dentite. "
spanklin profile - diary
hissandtell profile - diary
comments: only read one entry and love it already... a funny aus lass
juddhole profile - diary
comments: the american guy in love with the australian girl
im2evil4u profile - diary
artisthussy profile - diary
comments: mows barefoot... thats good enough for me
explodingxtr profile - diary
reynedecoupe profile - diary
comments: the australian girl in love with the american guy

My favorite music:

nick cave
tom waites
comments: "the piano has been drinkin, my necktie is asleep"
comments: solo concerto for cello
comments: "the irritating noises of dinosours"
comments: i can only add 5? but what about kate bush,roberta flack,frankie yankovic,pentangle,buddy holly, dusty,cruel sea,malcom mclaren, FAncy! and many many more!

My favorite movies:

rozencratnz and guildenstern are dead
comments: "i dont believe in england... conspiracy of cartographers"
monty python and the holy grail
comments: "an african or a european swallow?"
rocky horror picture show
comments: "shiver with antici..............................................................................pation"
comments: "heres lookin at you kid"
babettes feast
comments: beautiful....makes like water for chocolate look like disney...and no room for bambi meets godzilla! the marx brothers! charlie chaplin!

My favorite authors:

spike milligan
comments: "i thought i saw jesus on a tram/i said are you jesus/ he said yes i am"...i love this man with all my being
tom robbins
comments: with titles like "fierce invalids home from hot climates" what more could a girl want
kurt vonnegut
comments: "the world can be bought with yen or fellatio"he can be brilliant...beautiful..horrifying..and hilarious all in one sentence
terry pratchett
comments: "quaffing is like sipping, only you spill more"i read him in the bath.. thank god he wrote tons of books cause i bathe a LOT
jeanete winterson
comments: aldous huxely.....richard brautigan

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