At least I have never smoked crack.

My favorite diaries:

acornotravez profile - diary
newschick profile - diary
giggleshit profile - diary
comments: Usually I'd have to be a rollicking and stumbly drunk to say this, but fuck it: I fucking love you, man!
natariel13 profile - diary
alienamiss profile - diary
comments: Tickles my fancy.
raygirl999 profile - diary
ping-island profile - diary
comments: So goshdarned cute and impossibly cool. I am her awe-struck fan. And I call her: Pingly.
rumblelizard profile - diary
svenhard profile - diary
comments: [NB: Farewell, fair Sven! I shall miss your entries.]"...large heralds in dungarees.." Pure genius. WHO comes up with this?! Sven, and he is hard.
Saint-erin profile - diary
comments: I like your diary.
fangbanger profile - diary
comments: [Where for art thou, the joyous Fangbanger? - hey I never studied Shakespeare orright, shambolic misinterpretations not open for ridicule] Made me tweak my nipples. For scientific purposes.
linguafranca profile - diary
cloudy-night profile - diary
comments: Something about black-clad analytical people that gets me all hot under the collar. And writes me lovely notes that I cherish. Hence, the adoption.
torchstar profile - diary
annanotbob profile - diary
comments: Super, sexy, awesome.
cybers1ut profile - diary
comments: Vibes, man, fucking viiiiiibes.
warpednormal profile - diary
comments: Pretty. Fucking. Groovy. Let me tell you.
phaythles profile - diary
gonzoprophet profile - diary
sexyatheist profile - diary
comments: The motor-boating alone is enough for me. Genius.
omfggwtf profile - diary
enurta profile - diary
fuck--that profile - diary
liquid-stun profile - diary
comments: He waltzed off, tap shoes, pimp cane in hand. Totally fuck-able, all the while.
bettyford profile - diary
comments: I DUG her! I am quite devastated she has disappeared.
dinosaurorgy profile - diary
comments: Did I mention new diary crush that is ever so crush-tastic?
question-it profile - diary
comments: Come back. I have questions.
th3dhorseman profile - diary
comments: A tasty dish.
xorbit profile - diary
acornotravez profile - diary
newschick profile - diary
natariel13 profile - diary
raygirl999 profile - diary
rumblelizard profile - diary
Saint-erin profile - diary
comments: I like your diary.
linguafranca profile - diary
torchstar profile - diary

My favorite music:

My favorite movies:

Stranger Than Fiction
comments: I ogled you.
The Life Aquatic
comments: The absurdity.
Pretty in Pink
comments: It made me smile. I loved Duckie! Fuck that Blaine guy. What a terd-burger.
That Thing Called Love
comments: This is the best movie ever. River, sexy sexy dimples, fucking sweet jesus. I would still bang him.
True romance
comments: Seen this TOO many times. BIG crush on that Arquette..whats-her-name?She's HOT.Yeah yeah, plus its an ass-kicking story.

My favorite authors:

Michel Houellebecq
comments: The anger.
Anne Rice
comments: This might be nerd cliche, but fuck! I love her books on Jesus (the pussy!)
Helen Razer
comments: My hero.
John Steinbeck
comments: Why does no one worship him the way that I do? Travels With Charley, Of Mice and Men, On Cannery Row.

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