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about: in which I attempt to write on a regular basis, in the hope of eventually producing something I can be proud of :)

My favorite diaries:

joistmonkey profile - diary
comments: I like monkeys
memmunch profile - diary
comments: I can't relate to the lifestyle, but the writing is addictive
isky profile - diary
comments: intriguing & very readable
dirtyboots profile - diary
comments: "I liked the idea of getting my knitting onto some foreign infant's head rather than some foreign gangly teenager's head."
atwowaydream profile - diary
comments: delicious!
panzuda profile - diary
ninabean profile - diary
comments: resonates
call-me-out profile - diary
comments: I can relate to that sorrow
ten-oclock profile - diary
comments: "When your handwriting's changed, this is a sign that you are a changed person."
kyuro profile - diary
comments: "In a sci fi movie, but the producers wanted it to be as real as possible so they actually shipped us to another planet."
notlikeyoudo profile - diary
comments: magical!
cymbals profile - diary
comments: "i'd rather regret something i did than something that i didn't do."
ping-island profile - diary
comments: "if anything being eaten by a bear would make me feel a lot better."
moodswing profile - diary
comments: "What I read about in the morning affects my dreams the previous night."
viridis-eyes profile - diary
comments: "I�m pretty sure I only need a tiny piece of my brain to enter returned invoices anyway."
in-alaska profile - diary
comments: "i hate when i have a bad feeling and it turns out to have a reason. accidentally confirming the suspicions."
fivedigits profile - diary
comments: "my body and my voice could fake pleasure, but my eyes never could."
sanityinsane profile - diary
comments: "i smoke cigarettes in the wrong beds, i kiss people one after the other."
contrivance profile - diary
duplicitous profile - diary
comments: "Once I got all the hair samples, I told everyone that I was going to use them to make little individual voodoo dolls, and that I would slowly stick pins in each doll. They all believed me and freaked out."
stellarrobot profile - diary
comments: "I didn't recoil and remained silent, just kept looking at him with my dead eyes. (You really don't want to see that. It's a family thing. We all do it so very well.)"
microthrills profile - diary
comments: "I just wish more people wouldn�t look at me like I have lobsters coming out of my ears when I drop that I do not want children."
kirakel profile - diary
comments: "when a tree falls in the forest it wants to take all the other trees with it- but you're still there, all three of you, lit up in red on my list. That's kind of sweet."
old-story profile - diary
comments: "i don't know why, but friends are always trying to infiltrate my website. see if i write anything about him, her, that and the other thing."
chuzzlewit profile - diary
what-a-card profile - diary
comments: "I decided earlier that that was going to be my kid. I was going to buy him/her rabbits for the sole purpose of having him/her chop them up, maim them. Etcetera. Yeah, no pansies allowed in my house."
amazinfuckup profile - diary
comments: made me smile so hard, my face still hurts :)
lisamcc profile - diary
comments: "A post-apocalyptic wasteland brings out the worst in people,"
ghana-rondo profile - diary
comments: "I think you're a hero disguised as a scumbag politician. I still believe in you."
lostmystic76 profile - diary
comments: "These cats are so messy! I'm starting to think they have parties when I'm not here during the day. "
home-of-d profile - diary
comments: "I bounce around when I�ve had tons of sleep and I�m generally on the happy without being that overly happy girl people want to kill."
coldwar profile - diary
rs-forever profile - diary
onmyquest profile - diary
loz-er profile - diary
journey2one profile - diary
yesnotreally profile - diary
dontremember profile - diary
comments: "O How Our Hearts / will be digested; / the shattered frontier. / King Solomon, he never lived round here."
ubermeister profile - diary
comments: "Being English is about driving a german car to an Irish pub for a Belgian beer, then on the way home, grabbing an Indian curry or a Turkish kebab, to sit on a Swedish sofa and watch USA shows on a Japanese TV."
twinklies1 profile - diary
comments: "Who, me? Oh, I've just been practicing grinding my teeth at just the right angle to make a very fine powder which I intend to shove as far into my nasal cavity as possible in hopes that eventually, I'll wake up from this nightmare and
giggleshit profile - diary
comments: "I�d rather take stuff up my ass than take a calc final, I guess."
shor-t profile - diary
comments: "I ran along a dry riverbed looking for Katherine's ex-husband. He was some sort of actor. I climbed up these decrepit buildings and found him in a run-down restaurant."
stardumb profile - diary
in19seconds profile - diary
realchild profile - diary
defaults profile - diary
secret-motel profile - diary
corposant profile - diary
jondavid2010 profile - diary
planetpink profile - diary
tawny-amber profile - diary
swanny profile - diary
curious-me profile - diary
gomerx profile - diary
redthirst profile - diary
bodyfarm profile - diary
dawdle profile - diary
miss0delaney profile - diary
janegamma profile - diary
bluemookse profile - diary
mistfree profile - diary
and-the-way profile - diary
breathe-salt profile - diary
hotwaterlove profile - diary
portlypete profile - diary
theshivers profile - diary
tinfoilheart profile - diary
symmetries profile - diary
darthuae profile - diary
tinea profile - diary
scullerymaid profile - diary
fade-intoyou profile - diary

My favorite music:

duran duran
lily allen
kelly clarkson

My favorite movies:

my life without me

My favorite authors:

isaac asimov
jeff noon
pat cadigan
christopher priest

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