overly concerned with love, narrative, irony, sincerity, literary tropes, history, the past, and where it goes when it's gone.

My favorite diaries:

circuswheel profile - diary
comments: "i am totally forever right now. "
pettyquarrel profile - diary
comments: "home is where your ghost lives."
doctorkaysen profile - diary
comments: "I just try to make as many people fall in love with me as I possibly can. I probably have low self esteem."
frankie123 profile - diary
comments: "it's cool how sometimes, out of nowhere, the future can seem like something other than a gaping sinkhole of hangovers and rain"
foreveragain profile - diary
in-alaska profile - diary
comments: "you make me smile a thousand times out of ten."
opposure profile - diary
comments: "We all live to die for someone or something. Or else we'll die for nothing and love nothing in the interim."
loz-er profile - diary
comments: "logically I knew I had to move on, and so my right hand touched him, but yet I knew that I still ached for you, and so my left hand could not."
moodswing profile - diary
comments: "let's write books and make magic and assume that my backspace key is sticking because it just wants us to keep going"
lettersmith profile - diary
comments: "beating hearts and biting teeth and bunched up clothing on the floor: bliss is better bread and butter than i suppered on before."
emotionalist profile - diary
comments: "at my boyfriend's family's thanksgiving, i tried hard to look the other way when his relatives took pictures of his other relatives."
ten-oclock profile - diary
rainforme profile - diary
comments: "There is something to be said about going through a �period of your life�� and realizing you're old enough to have had �periods� and not the girl kind, just the life kind� "
avantbedroc profile - diary
bibles profile - diary
comments: "I don�t believe it is enough simply to be unsure. I believe it is necessary to explore all possibilities with equal respect and consideration."
kirakel profile - diary
comments: "Sometimes, when he'll try to talk things out with me. He'll tell me he "loves" me. Exactly the wrong thing to say."
xorbit profile - diary
katewrites profile - diary
comments: "But at the end of this day we'll just be laying next to each other Wondering what comes next while reliving what has been"
strayrecluse profile - diary
comments: "this pain in my chest isn't subsiding, and someone else's lips didn't make me forget."
boombasticat profile - diary
the-grey-one profile - diary
comments: "but it is summer now and the thunderstorms help to relieve the tension and i think maybe i could be struck by lightning. "
imalex profile - diary
comments: "I think they look at me and think I'm a crazy partier. Or something. I'm not sure. I don't really care, and I think it shows. "
journey2one profile - diary
loveherwell profile - diary
comments: "i cut it out of my life. now if i fuck everything up, it's completely my fault. and in a lot of ways, that's liberating."
warpednormal profile - diary
comments: "i've learned that i use sex as a distraction. i don't enjoy funerals"
southeast profile - diary
comments: "i only get crushes on boys who have been crushed."
synchestra profile - diary
comments: "Time to start dancing again. It always makes me happy."
englishsucks profile - diary
comments: "I am not a Sunday morning or a Friday sunset. I am a Tuesday 2am, I am gunshots muffled by a few city blocks"
concerted profile - diary
atwowaydream profile - diary
narcissa profile - diary
comments: "Wouldn't it be nice if i could channel all this uncertainty into running a 10K, rock-solid abs, Conversational French, and a methods section for my dissertation? Alas, that would not be me."
degausser profile - diary
comments: "And then you held my hand. Honestly, you held my hand. What, the fuck."
swallowthkey profile - diary
comments: "i want you but i want you to want me too. i want to know that you notice the things about me that are full of wonder and strength, beauty and kindness"

My favorite music:

girls with guitars
comments: seriously all of them
the raveonettes
comments: so i walk right up to you and you walk on over to me and i ask you what you want and you tell me what you need
david bowie
comments: the beatles & the rolling stones (but the beatles slightly more)
the mountain goats
comments: cat power, tegan and sara, ezra furman

My favorite movies:

an affair to remember
comments: "i'm sure you had some wonderful experiences in europe." "yes" would you care to expand on that statement?" "no."
ferris bueller's day off
comments: #1 live-your-life-by-this-movie movie
the royal tenenbaums
comments: amelie, me without you, lost in translation
comments: gegen die wand
angus, thongs, and perfect snogging
comments: "this is your last chance. It's either her - sad olive girl who gets everything wrong - or me, the woman who's so perfect for you." "georgia's perfect too-- she's just a perfect nutter"

My favorite authors:

henry james
comments: "she had an unequalled gift... of squeezing big mistakes into small opportunities."
tom robbins
comments: kurt vonnegut, kafka, bukowski (says goodnight)
jane austen
comments: nabokov, ian mcewan, margaret atwood, margaret laurence, diane setterfield,
milan kundera
19th c. fiction
comments: tolstoy, eliot, dickens, flaubert

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