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from goodsandwich :
I'm so glad you're back! Are you back?
from samsa :
are you just teasing us with this latest post?
from luciangrey :
Forgive the passage of the uninvited. I stumbled over your diary quite by chance, yet I could not leave well enough alone. It was a sincere pleasure to have read through your words.
from madamepierce :
throcky - are you gone forever?
from brat2no :
I applaud you for unlocking your diary. It has been a long while and I have missed your philosophy of life.
from birchie :
You unlocked!! Jubilations!!! I've read only 28 Nov so far (& so much for sleep *~)). As for the cursed-face of the Great Google-Janus: go to the Help/FAQs section of Dland, therein click on "miscellaneous" & scroll to the bottom: there's an html tag you can paste in which will take your diary *off* the search-engines' radar: just found this tonight, myself. ~2-week incubation period for this stealth-innoculation, but well-worth the minute it takes to use it... !!you unlocked!! (& I posted a poem for you earlier: chosen for love of Mad Willie Yeats & Crazy Jane; & because after 19 years it still makes me laugh at myself)...Thank you for saying why you locked, & for deciding to pick your own lock: the key to both motives strikes me as sensitivity, itself.
from melwadel :
So glad you're back, dear heart!
from onewetleg :
thank you for unlocking and adding me as a favorite. take my surveys, join my diaryrings. annoyance, annoyance! looking forward to much good stuff and junk. love,
from onewetleg :
i found your url through no spring chicken. i notice you have bindyree listed as a favorite. may i have your password so i can read your diary? don't take this the wrong way, but why have your diary on a listing site and then lock it? je ne comprend pas. hope to hear from you soon,
from birchie :
Regretting that I've arrived here too late to share in the privilege of reading your diary; deeply honored that you visited my single entry so far & grateful indeed for your vote of confidence. Your profile alone delights me no end! Have just expanded my own, & hope you will visit again. Regards (hand-heart-mind & soul) from a point near-equidistant with yours from the deep-memoried Ohio River.
from bafleyanne :
If possible, could I have the password for your diary? You can email it to [email protected]. I'll understand if not, but I love reading you. :)
from madamepierce :
Agh! Throcky! Where have you gone?
from goodsandwich :
Throcklet, dear Throckina, O Throckled One . . . I tap ever so lightly at your door, and if it is just not the right time for you to answer (in the form of a password to my Notes), I creep quietly away after slipping a note of affection and support under your door, to be read later while eating a warm muffin with crumb topping.
from goodsandwich :
Throcklet, dear Throckina, O Throckled One . . . I tap ever so lightly at your door, and if it is just not the right time for you to answer (in the form of a password to my Notes), I creep quietly away after slipping a note of affection and support under your door, to be read later while eating a warm muffin with crumb topping.
from groinvault :
Oh, there you go again, locking up your diary. I guess you have a right to privacy, but dammit! I need my throcky fix! Hope all is well with you...
from proofrok :
I've seen Dawn Upshaw in live recital. So may I have the password to your diary? [email protected]
from sumi37 :
thanks for your kind note. I've always enjoyed a sojourn into your diary - and will continue to do so! A Gerard Manley Hopkins fan - who would have thought it? - anna
from groinvault :
I was so excited to see you'd updated, but it seems you've decided to keep it private. I'd love to read what you're up to, so drop me a line at [email protected] if you wanna let me in. Regardless, I hope you're having a great spring! Oh, and I've moved to Cincinnati!
from inarticulate :
If you're letting people in, can I come?
from goodsandwich :
Hey honey -- glad to see you're back -- at least I think so, since I can't seem to get into the diary! Drop me a note if you like, and I'd love to read the latest. Hope you and your family are spiffy.
from sushipig :
Waah! When did you start passwording your diary?
from hey4eyes :
I like your style Lady. Bobbie Sue Dicks.
from kooklafran :
I love your style. Please write more. Carolyn.
from rickreynhow :
That lovelyprecious lass I know as Ally Hazen wreckommended good as gospel to mine ears! Quite a cast of colorful characters you have to write about! I must read on...
from allisonhazen :
Unto an evil counselor close heart, and ear, and eye: Now you've got me curious -- your comment cuts off at "This is the." Although, it does provide a cornucopia of fill-in-the-blank joy: dawning of the age of Aquarious; end, my only friend; 8th circle of hell. Anyway, welcome back! I'm glad you're writing again. You come highly recommended from Tulsa.
from goodsandwich :
Are you coming back?
from invisibledon :
Thanks for visiting
from goodsandwich :
You sure have had a hard time lately with the "thoughtless" on the net, haven't you? Well, as always, I hope everything gets worked out and that the net feels safe again soon. Until then, I shall content myself with the archives, and I ask again -- did you mention that you had written a book on Jane Austen, Queen of my World? If so, I must know what the book is! Oh wait -- I guess revealing the title would be naturally unsafe. Silly me. Some other time, perhaps (damn that Kirsten Park of Salt Lake City Utah!).
from goodsandwich :
Oh, if you password-protect, please consider offering me that password. My daily dose of your immense survival and beautiful flowering is a gift received with gratitude. But I certainly understand the need to self-protect and am sorry you're having to deal with hurtful people and their misspent free time. A nosegay of affection to you!
from alayah :
Hi just wanted to let you know Medicated Moments will be locked for a little while for html adjustments. Please visit idiotpage for current updates. Thanks!
from goodsandwich :
Add to note below: You've written a book about Jane Austen? I must know more!
from goodsandwich :
Oh, my goodness. At last an advertised diary that really should be advertising. Thank you for sharing so much of your heart, your family, your not-so-long-ago youth, your humor, all the scary bits and all the rest of it. All poetic, all absorbing. (What a groupie I am!)
from ghanima :
hail and well met. Beautiful layout, absorbing writing. Didn't mean to get pulled into it, but I did. Summer's day and all that jazz.
from macfarlane :
I just gotta say your diary is like "WAY!" cool.
from wateryone :
I like the Berryman poem, it's going to be going round and round in my head all afternoon here at the library. Ah ha ha. An incidental note. I met a woman last week who is writing her doctoral thesis on Wallace Stevens and Conceptual Physics. Sexy, no?
from inarticulate :
Hello, dear heart! Just tried to send you an e-mail reply but it bounced, so I'll reiterate here that I very much look forward to an interview exchange with you, especially since you will pose quite a challenge to me. Please don't worry about how long the process takes; I was just anxious for someone to say yes. Yes I said yes I will yes! I was thinking I might just send one or two questions at a time, by e-mail. So I'll try to get something to you soon. But first I need to review. Thanks again!
from starbreeze :
I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved pet. I know she is romping in heaven, surrounded by yarn and catnip.
from darkbloom :
Thanks, throcky. I am trying. And good cheer to you as well, no irony.
from starbreeze :
Thank you for your feedback on my situation. Feeling much less guilty, and know that I must keep myself healthy in the long run. If you were here I would definitely have you over for drinks and my boyfriend's traditional Christmas stollen (Christmas bread)! Much love.
from starbreeze :
Found you through warbling. Reading your diary made me smile. I teach middle and high school English, and can relate to students and their strangeness. Love the energy and the vivacity of your words. Am currently avoiding grading papers by reading diaries. Will contnue to read yours.
from mandieolivia :
i can only hope to achieve your level of brilliance. feel free to take a look into this mediocre wretches mind. i only have a few entries, but your criticism would be greatly appreciated.
from riatsala :
Good to see you back. I once visited a village in Kent (or maybe East Sussex) called Frant, which boasted a church-run thrift shop called "Frantiques". I bought a big black hat and a few vintage school ties there. I think you'd have liked it.
from bastion :
Can't find you since October 26, 2001. Are you on hiatus ? Or maybe lowatus ? Or just tussing up a storm ? Denver doug The Wondering Jew
from riatsala :
Where are you gone, O Throcky? The world cries out for you and your words. Well, at least I do, and I'm, like, totally dejected and stuff.
from breathless- :
Hey! I just wanted to say that your diary rocks. Keep it up. :) Maybe you could check out my diary and drop me a note? I'd appreciate it! Bye! PS - How do you get your diary rings all neat like that? Help me! LOL.
from mechaieh :
Miguelito's noted that Turtleguy's diary makes his system crash when he tries to read it in Netscape, but it works fine in IE...
from mechaieh :
Aside from being susceptible to flattery, a good portion of my M.A. was devoted to _Piers Plowman_, so feel free to alliterate around and about me all you want. ;-) I'll pick up another card for your mother tomorrow - in the meantime, feel free to pass along a cyber-"hi" from me, and please don't neglect to take care of yourself.

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