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from the-prude :
You sound ever so familar. I wish to go to arizona some day. Its been mentioned before, but, really, you've got a wicked layout.
from journ-proj :
Hi. We were just wondering if you still had Collab Journal No. 11 with you? Just let us know, thanks! -JP-
from starsurfer :
DO YOU SEE THAT?! DO YOU SEE HOW DEVILISH- IS STILL WAITING?!! Whore. You're being neglectful once again, but even will receive mail. TWICE. Yeah, muthafooker. I hope you can get mail from the return address you put on your pc...ehem.
from devilish- :
happy birthday! - devilish *waiting patiently for review..*
from mikeymike :
arizona is home. never move away from it it hurts when u go back.
from linzipearl :
that is the cooooooooolest layout ever. Am´┐Żlie makes my soul smile :)
from corie7 :
such a cute layout you have..
from corie7 :
such a cute layout you have..
from neo-geek :
Hi, just wanted to say I really like your layout. Actually, on second thought I'm just starved for compliments and was hoping by leaving notes on other people's diaries more would look at mine. Anyway, keep up the good work and try not to hate me more than's warranted.
from worldgurl :
do what? do tell.......
from beny :
rfb is written on the side of my foot.
from adaveen :
I'm glad I clicked on your banner.
from starsurfer :
Um. All I know is you're not online, your gbook is too common once again, and it's only 11:46pm while I type this. Which means I am bored out of my skull. RASTA! Look at this. My brain pieces are scattered everywhere and I can't find my left eye.
from jelybeanie32 :
i agree with your entry that says fuck, i know the feeling
from starsurfer :
...because I haven't left a note in a while and your gbook has become too normal to keep going to as of now. Rah! Anyway, have fun at the Rodeo? Whozamawhatits thinks you might be mad at him because he ended up not going. He is such a girl... Je ne regrette rien!
from starsurfer :
Oh. Moop. You didn't update your profile. GASP.
from nakedthought :
welcome back rfb! WE MISS YOU!!!!! *toodles* :))
from starsurfer :
So. Your entry for 1-10-02...I read "popped" as "pooped". Yes, thought I would share.
from angstrom :
burning retinas, eh? i didnt see that in the
from patw-21 :
Hey, what's goin on? I like your christmas entry added today. I liek your design, and you sound nice, anyway, maybe you'll find some inspiration with this and decide to visit my diary??? WINK WINK HINT HINT!!! LOL see yah patw-21
from angstrom :
u go girl! it looks beautiful :)
from cherrybeauty :
*threatens you* YOURE BOOKMARKED *waves a knife around* ;) sorry i had to just play the joke until it was worn out. hah
from nakedthought :
thanks for comforting me ... *hugs* everything is settled now :o) i really want to be your friend, please email me to [email protected]. i have sth important to tell you about. anyway ...
from kittieblack :
You said you wanted one, so here it is. A note just for you. Now, don't you feel better? :)
from wordwhore :
you lazy lazy ho. i threaten you in my last entry. just so you know. i'm watching you. best shape up.

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