holding my breath for the miracle.

this book is complete.

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comments: miss you.. r.i.p.
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My favorite music:

alanis morrisette
comments: I'll teach you all this in 8 easy steps
linkin park
comments: In the end, it doesn't even matter
mariana's trench
comments: the entire Masterpiece Theater album. Seriously. Masterpiece 3 is the one I scream along to in the car
pop shit
comments: to get me mooooving, or when I need to clean the apartment
comments: anything at all, to get me calm and productive.

My favorite movies:

let`s pretend this says
comments: TV....
comments: all six seasons and I cant fkn wait for season seven!!!
Doctor WHO
comments: Ive caught up to the 3rd series, still waiting on the cash to catch up all the way.. also want to watch Torchwood, (fyCaptainJack).
comments: Died too soon. Serenity heals a bit, and if Whedon finds someone to bite for Serenity 2 I`ll be in heaven.
comments: if its scifi or fantasy, count me in.

My favorite authors:

rob thurman
comments: Prophet of Kicking Ass and Taking Names. Fkn adore ALL books. Cal Leandros especially
lillith saintcrow
comments: Valentine and Kismet forever. *strange angels too*
Dark fantasy, urban noir, dark scifi
comments: Anne Bishop, that guy that writes CHAOS WALKING, Jim Butcher, etc. Male protags are much more fun.
guy gavriel kay
comments: everything he writes is FLAWLESS. Fionavar Tapestry can take on LOTR.
steven king
comments: fantasy. his horror haunts me too much, which naturally means he`s gifted. Also his On Writing book is amazing.

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