Don't mock my psychosis.

Normalcy is a state of mind, not a state of being.

My favorite diaries:

epiphany profile - diary
comments: he reminds me that teachers have lives too. i dont know whether thats a good thing or a bad thing.
not-a-finger profile - diary
comments: once again, i am stealing one of autumns favourite diaries. this time she suggested it though. huzzah.
pocketbomb profile - diary
comments: janie is a world of wonderful. two worlds, even.
theshivers profile - diary
comments: i read her diary last of all because i save the good things until.
autumnal profile - diary
comments: "the fire within you that causes the rush, the need, the ecstasy and insistence and pain of getting it all out for the world to see"
ann-frank profile - diary
comments: i stole her off autumn. thats right - shes an inanimate object. shuddup. shes hilarious though.
sirilyan profile - diary
comments: "Wherever there's someone with a guitar, a dream, and a day job at Second Cup, there will be indie rock."
brokentrain profile - diary
comments: angie is all things marvelous. if she wasnt so involved with her guitar, id show her a good time myself. bown chicka bown bown.
slower profile - diary
comments: she sparkles. we havent seen each other in far too long, so i cherish each word from her. she deleted her old entries.
beagle47 profile - diary
comments: can not only speak the truth, but can speak kindly as well. he is wonderful.
thiork profile - diary
comments: merci, for you keep me going when the entire world tries to stop me.
semicharm86 profile - diary
comments: all kinds of charming and intriguing.
emperorincxt profile - diary
coffeestain profile - diary
comments: around your eye. she is truly one of my favourite reads.
dizzyfirefly profile - diary
comments: lovely. i treasure her words.
darkbluerain profile - diary
comments: she keeps my strength up.
lilacwebster profile - diary
comments: she is all kinds of beautiful and open.
lara4 profile - diary
comments: she made me cry at the camp banquet. therefore, she is a jerk. a wonderful jerk.
thisisjohn profile - diary
comments: beautiful. simply beautiful.
brevity profile - diary
comments: mm. i fall asleep repeating these words.
madchester profile - diary
comments: one of the greatest people i know.
kilgoretrout profile - diary
comments: on his messy room: "It's like my crap has become sentient and learned how to breed."
starkitten01 profile - diary
comments: introspective and intriguing.
mcearstix profile - diary
minstrelite profile - diary
petmykittie profile - diary
her-story profile - diary
politiko profile - diary
pulse-tone profile - diary
kikikitten profile - diary
waltzingyeti profile - diary
inthesink profile - diary
snideblonde profile - diary
comments: have you read 'degrees of nakedness' or 'alligator' yet?
orkillme profile - diary
sundaygirl profile - diary
hara-kiri-to profile - diary
hothead profile - diary
lily-white profile - diary
antinormalcy profile - diary
swanbenet profile - diary

My favorite music:

ani difranco
comments: also, andy stochansky. hes sweetie. also saccharine - dean drouillard and kevin quain.
hawksley workman
comments: rilo kiley, kinnie starr, karen kosowski, kat goldman, kathleen edwards, damnhait doyle,
dan bern
comments: beau dixon, craig cardiff, tom waits, elvis costello, ben kweller, jian ghomeshi, ron sexsmith
tegan and sara
comments: martina sorbara, sarah harmer, sarah slean, wendy mcneill, serena ryder, amiee mann, holly mcnarland, harmony trowbridge, janine stoll
danny michel
comments: danny + a few rum and cokes = christopher walken. dannys a great guy, as well as an incredibly talented musician.

My favorite movies:

roger dodger
comments: the rocky horror picture show. hedwig and the angry inch. duck soup. go.
comments: my life without me. the virgin suicides. but im a cheerleader. kissing jessica stein.
the anniversary party
comments: the good girl. the ice storm. donnie darko.
comments: la confidential. the usual suspects. american beauty.
monty python and the holy grail
comments: amelie. happenstance. run lola run. the princess and the warrior. trainspotting. the croupier.

My favorite authors:

lisa moore
comments: "open" is the most beautiful and honest collection i have ever read, followed by "degrees of nakedness". her novel, "alligator", better win the giller prize.
naomi wolf
comments: "promiscuties" opened my eyes to nonfiction and directed me towards womens studies at university
christy ann conlin
comments: "heave" is the most life-altering novel i have ever read. and reread. and reread.
virginia woolf
comments: from "orlando" to "mrs. dalloway", "to the lighthouse" to "melymbrosia", her essays like "a room of ones own" to her diaries. brilliant.
kay redfield jamison
comments: her research findings and memoirs are magnificent for their unfaltering honesty and bravery.

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