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dancing underneath the night sky

My favorite diaries:

beagle47 profile - diary
comments: a heart of gold, an artful soul.
explodingboy profile - diary
comments: adorable
orpheusd0wn profile - diary
comments: "I love maps, I love holding possibility on paper, stories in seed form, woven in lines and numbers and names of towns, waiting to be discovered, ultimately I am the loom or will be. I am the loom."
discothekid profile - diary
comments: dolphin safe love, aka, don't make me angry?
trancejen profile - diary
comments: sassy wit and undisputedly one of the D-land Greats.
twelvebeer profile - diary
comments: "it's all about the monkeylove"
natinski profile - diary
comments: she's a local! And her writing's a sight for sore eyes.
caralynne profile - diary
comments: "i know how to befriend musicians by accident, have them fall in lust with me, and then not listen to me when my borderline and shizoid personalities try to force them away."
unsentletter profile - diary
comments: it is "a showcase of humanity". or rather, plentiful love letters, hate letters, and all kinds of diamonds in the rough.
ladeeleroy profile - diary
comments: no idea why I didn't have her up here sooner. one kickass lady.
darrylzero profile - diary
comments: I swim in his writing. it's magnetic.
grouchetta profile - diary
comments: "while strange creatures form in the cracks of earth and plasmic goo below, and somewhere an angel's wings brush past your eyelids, gently, and its gone"
WhatIWas profile - diary
comments: behind the Comic font, there's something of him in there which compels me to read it all.
literatim profile - diary
comments: greatness.
burnthings profile - diary
comments: vignettes that epitomise 'riveting'
exhaust profile - diary
comments: "But I know what we hate are the pieces of ourselves we see in others."
the29th profile - diary
comments: what she writes resonates with me in ways that give me the shivers
soulnaked profile - diary
comments: "I feel like a caged animal and I don't know any better way to explain it than that. I'm not talking about..." (13 beautiful lines later) "... to escape. That's the kind of caged I'm feeling right now."
onecarparade profile - diary
comments: coolly penning his commentary on a world the complete opposite of mine.
y-ati profile - diary
comments: cause it's about time.
radiowire profile - diary
comments: she writes long sentences that I actually want to read.
liquid-mojo profile - diary
comments: because I just realised that he's in my bookmarks, but not in here. why?
cybercoward profile - diary
comments: as if I'd miss out on beagle47 writing a novel.
dancecraze profile - diary
comments: sweater weather and beauty
i-enthusiast profile - diary
comments: the bald and beautiful.
breakthedark profile - diary
comments: because I read it all in a sitting and wanted more.
chanter profile - diary
comments: hot
desideratus profile - diary
comments: i-enthusiast in a new skin
hamizah profile - diary
nenna profile - diary
nectar3103 profile - diary
ruhee profile - diary
malex profile - diary
silverpeanut profile - diary
deaf-knee profile - diary
forestdream profile - diary
lyrad profile - diary
clov3ry profile - diary
taliarant profile - diary

My favorite music:

miles davis
rufus wainwright
the black keys
the white stripes

My favorite movies:

finding forrester
almost famous
forrest gump
interstate 60

My favorite authors:

mark z. danielewski
jostein gaarder
rainer maria rilke
sylvia plath
jorge luis borges

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