just julie: no artificial colors or flavors

sometimes i have these thoughts and i stand and shake my head and hop on one foot until eventually they fall out my ear and onto a piece of paper.

(or computer keyboard.)

My favorite diaries:

emoworld profile - diary
comments: "You can wake me up everynight. Because that's the way i like it."
nelliebellie profile - diary
comments: "she's stuck in a world of oblivion. trapped in a bright room of hope. where the chairs are inviting. but the cold wooden floors relate to her better. silent if you treat them gently. and always cold in the early mornings."
spillink profile - diary
comments: the new diary of Find-Katie. <3
justchris profile - diary
comments: "If you're wondering why I need an entourage....you don't know me at all, do you?"
a-fairy-tale profile - diary
comments: "Can you not see it in my eyes? I do not love you and I am not ready for this. I don't want this."
almare profile - diary
comments: "Sometimes I feel so sad about my receding childhood, I don't know what to do with myself. So I Live."
stoner-girl profile - diary
comments: "I was shocked I felt that way too. It's rather worrying really."
ChubbyChic profile - diary
comments: ah, this is a witty, hilarious, honest, and refreshing diary...chubby chics of the world UNITE!
gilberto profile - diary
comments: "all in all i think that the answer to getting rid of that tear in my soul may be in the words of a song that i have not heard. maybe the song hasn't been written yet? maybe it's the song that i wrote but forgot the words to."
jason75 profile - diary
comments: "Today at lunch my inner child ran rampant, I sat on the grass and watched as he went mad trying to catch falling leaves and thinking about nothing except that very moment."
jesus-freaks profile - diary
diamondsky profile - diary
comments: "It is so warm in this house right now. I think I'm going to melt. That, or you could get enough oil off my face to light a candle for months. Yuck. Why, oh, why didn't I inherit my mom's clear skin? Genetics really bites sometimes
brightdawn profile - diary

My favorite music:

billy joel
comments: U2, antigone rising
damien rice
comments: dashboard confessional, counting crows
pete yorn
comments: dave matthews band
brand new
comments: the weakerthans
death cab for cutie
comments: coldplay, third-eye blind

My favorite movies:

dirty dancing
comments: "NOBODY puts Baby in a corner!"
the shawshank redemption
comments: "where do you get this stuff?".... 'i read it. you know how to read, you ignorant f*ck?'
fight club
dead poets' society
comments: "Carpe Diem."

My favorite authors:

E.L. Konigsburg
comments: "From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler" is the greatest book of all time...even though it's for 4th graders.
Mitch Albom
comments: "Tuesdays With Morrie"
Jane Austen
comments: "Pride and Prejudice"
Charlotte Bronte
comments: "Jane Eyre"
Kate Chopin
comments: "The Awakening" ......... amazing(ly written.)

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