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I'm Alice, aged 32, married to Neil for 8 years, and we have three sweet little boys - Arthur, born November 9th 2004, Matthew, born June 14th 2006, and Nathan, born January 12th 2008. We live in London, England. I am a stay-at-home-mummy and I love it!

I already have two diaries at Diaryland - sheepdip, my regular place from January 2001 to somewhere mid-2004, and alicesbaby, my trying to conceive and pregnancy journal, used to document everything from TTC our first baby, Arthur in 2003/4, to the first few weeks with my third baby, Nathan, in early 2008. This diary reflects who I am now - Arthur's Mummy (and Matthew's and Nathan's, and hopefully more children to come!). This is a no-holes-barred personal diary, where I write about my thoughts and issues, and about my little ones.

My favorite diaries:

sheepdip profile - diary
comments: My main diary - the old stomping ground! No longer updated, but kept open because it covers soooo much stuff in my life - mainly my struggles being housebound with M.E. and then being healed after 2 years :)
alicesbaby profile - diary
comments: My "other" diary, as it runs alongside everything else in my life. It was a TTC journal before I got pregnant with Arthur, then a pregnancy journal, and then a journal about Arthur for his first 6 months until I made my new arthursmummy diary. A
pebsmurf profile - diary
comments: Robbi's diary. Not updated much now :(
mamarobbi profile - diary
comments: Robbi's diary for Chase (where I found her first!)
noahjaidyn profile - diary
comments: Robbi's diary for Noah and Jaidyn!
surprisepg4 profile - diary
comments: Robbi again, this time a diary for sweet Hailey - baby number 4!
mamaness profile - diary
comments: Aishy :) Not updated though :(
with-child profile - diary
comments: Katie, who has a beautiful little Evelyn to write about :)
maybaby03 profile - diary
comments: Ash's journal - originally for baby Gwen, who isn't a baby any more!
redshoegirl profile - diary
comments: Meg. Lovely jubbly Meg. I love Meg :) But she should update more often.
aprylart profile - diary
comments: April's journey through infertility and adoption to motherhood - she now has a beautiful baby girl and is looking to adopt again!
lukeysmama profile - diary
comments: Another April! Mama to lovely Lucas, and expecting another baby, but she doesn't update much anymore :(
sentrywish profile - diary
comments: Mallory! She is lovely! A long-term friend here at diaryland, and my sister in Christ :)
mamabean profile - diary
comments: Megan's journal about motherhood and sweet little Alex!
mias-liam profile - diary
comments: Mia's journal about Liam. Mia is the coolest. Ever. Seriously. And Liam is so lovely :)
mymemry profile - diary
comments: Julie's journal, all about life with little Nathan, born just 9 days after Arthur! And now she also has sweet Ava, born a month after Matthew!
tequilamonky profile - diary
comments: Lovely Jemma! All about life with her sweet little ones, Jaya - a few months older than Arthur - and Jove, a few months older than Matthew :) Locked diary.
brile profile - diary
comments: Leah! I have been reading her since before Salem was born. Now she has two little girls!
libbyo profile - diary
comments: Lizzy! Updating again - yay! Two gorgeous children - Blake, and Sydney, who is a few weeks younger than Arthur :)
maineland profile - diary
comments: Lovely Judy - mommy to Madeleine, Katherine, and Lucy. Long-term cloth-diaper-mad friend here at Diaryland! ;)
mamalog profile - diary
comments: Marisa - occasionally updated, about life with her 3 children. I found her when it was a pregnancy journal for her second child.
pregornot profile - diary
comments: Sam, who doesn't update much anymore but it's worth checking for news of Marlee!
suspenseful profile - diary
comments: Not updated much, but occasionally there is news of life with little Meredith :)
bump-to-be profile - diary
comments: Heather's diary! A trying-to-conceive journal for now - how exciting!! :)
ebombmom profile - diary
comments: Lovely Michelle! Mom to Ewan and Seth (who is a couple of weeks older than Arthur). Love this diary! Michelle is a doula. Plus she completely rocks.
laurasbaby profile - diary
comments: Waiting for her bean. So heartfelt. Not updated anymore though.
my2monkeys profile - diary
comments: My lovely friend Cristie! Mommy to two precious little girls, Grace and Makenna.
aja-mom profile - diary
comments: Aja's pregnancy journal - yay!
camham profile - diary
comments: Heather's journal, all about life with baby Camden, who is a month younger than Arthur :)
disassemble profile - diary
comments: Mia. She is one my addictions. And her kids are lovely :)
monkymind profile - diary
comments: Jemma's private diary - locked!
friedokra profile - diary
comments: Megan's private diary - locked!
wunderwuman profile - diary
comments: A sweet mama to TWO little girls! Leila was born the same day as Matthew (I think)!! And new baby girl just arrived :)
theflyingrat profile - diary
comments: Jenn's diary! Jenn is just so lovely. Her diary is addictive, and she takes lovely photos of her beautiful children. But she's locked.
losingdavid profile - diary
comments: Jenn's diary for the baby she lost, David.
mom-to-be profile - diary
comments: Andrea's pregnancy diary!!! Yay! :)
for-riley profile - diary
comments: Jenn's diary for her sweet lil man, Riley.
button2006 profile - diary
comments: Jenn's pregnancy diary for her newest sweet little person, Aislyn!
for-aislyn profile - diary
comments: Jenn's diary for cutie-pie Aislyn :)
nickyslilone profile - diary
comments: Nicola's pregnancy diary! :)

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