'Finish every day and be done with it'-Ralph Waldo Emerson

story about a girl who should listen to emerson.

but she's such a nagger! and she lets every little thing get to her. can you say weak?!

My favorite diaries:

chicle profile - diary
comments: first person i ever put on my list. she's AWSOME!!
lunatikz profile - diary
comments: i love this girl to death! she's one of the coolest people i've ever met!
ordinario profile - diary
comments: it's misa, the dude who's cute, funny... and philosophical. dice que es ordinario... but i think he's anything but!
daxer profile - diary
comments: best friend in the world.
pandaman27 profile - diary
comments: he's funny in an abstract way.. which only makes him funnier! i love this kid to death too!
mgb profile - diary
comments: she's my canadian twin.... well... if i was nearly as cool as her.
latinsk8er69 profile - diary
comments: i've known this kid for some time (i actually know this one in person). he's cool, eventho he always tackled me when we were playing TWO HAND TOUCH football.
cold-heart04 profile - diary
comments: when i'm being myself... and i'm not TRYING to be funny, i'm just like her. and what she writes about i swear i've thought about it too.
amishboy profile - diary
comments: i have a crush on him... too bad i was born an entire decade after him. stupid fate! did i mention he's funny?
ragazza007 profile - diary
comments: it's an addiction to read her entries. i become disgruntled when she doesn't update. jaja.
misantropias profile - diary
comments: mi amor platonico (folks, my crush on him is HUGE, this boy is gorgeous and actually cool... very odd for a MAN) ::giggles::
zorrillita profile - diary
comments: the manner in which she handles things is great. i wish i was nearly as responsible as her.
quotheraven profile - diary
comments: her poetry is great... and people are assholes to her. me los chingo for you eh!
avantbedroc profile - diary
comments: her entries can be short... yet, they can't be any more right!
ameliarules profile - diary
comments: proves that not *all* amelia's are bad. this girl is very, VERY funny, even when she has short entries.
jaysherman profile - diary
lorelay profile - diary
comments: she likes the ataris, she's a pisces, she hates smoking, AND she weren't a year older than me, i would be VERY scared thinking we were twins separated at birth.
eveningsun profile - diary
comments: she's from belgium! and i started erading her diary a while back.
zingarella profile - diary
comments: holy shit! she added me to her list and i liked her comment on me! well... i think it was a good one. just want to keep tabs on someone who DOESN'T hate me.
viejas-roc profile - diary
comments: We have a lot in common
panda-poco profile - diary
comments: alan
sinverguenza profile - diary
comments: very interesting and very very very articulate in both spanish and english... something i'm not!
letras profile - diary
donjuan99 profile - diary
zkandaloza profile - diary
comments: I like the name... very clever. Plus, she likes my state in mexico... indirectly. haha.

My favorite music:

comments: brandon boyd= hot lanky guy. "wish you were here" and "warning"
comments: when i'm depressed/mad/ insulting someone. too many to name.
alexandre pires
comments: the man's portugese accent makes me wanna rape him! j/p
linkin park
comments: i got into them because of a boy... but i grew to love their lyrics
La Ley
comments: cafe tacuba, jaguares, control machete, plastilina mosh, enanitos verdes, the killers, lil rob, offspring, good charlotte (i love motivation proclamation), cold play (thanks to yoshi), outkast, ludacris, nu flavor (old school!!),and tra lalala more

My favorite movies:

what dreams may come
comments: so many memories come when i think about it
we were soldiers
comments: i cried... a lot
finding nemo
comments: "CAN'T YOU SEE WE'RE SWIMMING IN OUR OWN.. shhhh, he's coming!"
forrest gump
comments: CLASSIC! tom hanks is the shit
comments: this will forever be my favorite. "si no, temps pis"

My favorite authors:

beverly cleary and judy blume
comments: damn...is fudge cool or what? and how about ramona quimby?! Are you there god, it's me margaret.
emily bronte
comments: "wuthering heights" is such a trip. i love heathcliff.. that little savage is marvelous.
kahlil gibran
comments: "the prophet" rocked my world. i really understood him.
jane austen
comments: "pride and prejudice." i don't know why i liked it.
william golding
comments: i read Lord of the Flies in 7th grade (it's the only book that's made me vomit while reading it, not because i was so bored, but it's description was awesome enough to do that to me).

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