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This is my diary. I write stuff in here. You can ready it if you want...

My favorite diaries:

Andrew    profile - diary
comments:  never a boring entry....lol...did I mention he runs this website?
shutupmom    profile - diary
comments:  I just got addicted to this diary...
savecraig    profile - diary
comments:  funny stuff
unclebob    profile - diary
comments:  Everywhere I went this diary was linked...now I know why....I love Uncle Bob!!!
perceptions    profile - diary
comments:  Bobby, will you marry me?...even though your diary has gotten lame lately...
malinkaa    profile - diary
comments:  She makes me laugh...hands down my favorite diary here at diaryland...
chubbychic    profile - diary
comments:  Says some of the best crap ever!!! and her layout has junk food on it!!!...you just can't lose....
boxer-briefs    profile - diary
comments:  She's been listed in my favorites for a while, I just hadn't added her here until now...
brandone    profile - diary
comments:  one of the far and few between....or so it seems....
thebighurt    profile - diary
comments:  I like her cause she's kooler than you....
thecritic    profile - diary
comments:  I love him more than you...
genghis-jon    profile - diary
comments:  if this guys isn't one of your favorites you are a dumb bastard....
the29th    profile - diary
comments:  beautiful in ways I can't even begin to explain...
thedailywtf    profile - diary
comments:  "This morning, I feel like I got hit by a fucking 18 wheeler hauling 37 tons of holy-shit-I'm-sore."

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My favorite authors:

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