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My favorite diaries:

andrew    profile - diary
comments:  If I were a judge on the Gong Show, and Andrew was the contestant, and all the other judges were violently banging on the gong to vote him off...I would sit there stubbornly and clap for him.
rebecca    profile - diary
comments:  I think this is the girl that was really nice to me on the phone once and told me the best places to go in Vegas?
hydrogeek    profile - diary
comments:  I met this fine gal in the parking lot of the bowling alley and we've been friends ever since.

My favorite music:

The Kinks
comments:  Bad British teeth and worse British tempers making the nicest, most nostalgic British invasion music ever.
comments:  Pure Japanese raw sugar syrup pop that goes in through your ears and makes your brain all happy and gooey. P.S. Not to be confused with CkY, although that would be a hilarious tour.
comments:  "Riding on the Metro" has replaced "Unskinny Bop" as my favorite song of all time.
Loretta Lynn
comments:  The woman. The voice. The legend. The recipes?
Lionel Richie
comments:  "All Night Long" only.

My favorite movies:

North Shore
comments:  "Nobody listens to Turtle..."
Midnight Madness
comments:  "I'd know that song anywhere, it's the Pabst Blue Ribbon theme song. THE NEXT CLUE MUST BE AT THE PABST BREWERY!!!"
The Outsiders
comments:  "Ain't nobody gonna call the fuzz in this neighborhood."
Heavy Metal Parking Lot
comments:  "Madonna? She's a dick."

My favorite authors:

Oscar Wilde
comments:  Best swerve endings since the heyday of the WWF.
John Irving
comments:  Dear Hollywood, Quit taking this man's amazing work and turning it into movies like "Simon Birch." Thank you.
John McEnroe
comments:  He uses words like "intimated."

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