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lanie lourel

used to write under "annachan"

my diary is no longer locked but i might lock it again later on

i'm constantly looking for good reads but why is it that every time i add someone under my favorites, they stop writing? D:<

My favorite diaries:

xnamehere    profile - diary
comments:  probably more like me than i realized
blazingstar    profile - diary
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My favorite music:

death cab for cutie
comments:  i am waiting for you to flee the scene/ as if you held in your hand the smoking gun/ and on the floor lay the one who set you up
jimmy eat world
comments:  i can't help it baby this is who i am/ i'm sorry but i can't just go turn off how i feel
ayumi hamasaki
comments:  bokutachi wa shiawase ni naru tame kono tabiji o yukun da
maroon 5
comments:  but things just get so crazy living life gets hard to do/ sunday morning rain is falling and i'm calling out to you
something corporate
comments:  at cavanaugh park where i used to think that this life would be good/ and i would do things that i thought that i should and no one's gonna tear me down

My favorite movies:

My favorite authors:

linda howard
comments:  she used to be so good!! but all her recent books are misses
sabrina jeffries
comments:  haven't read a book i haven't like

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