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Notes from Chicago.

My favorite diaries:

weetabix    profile - diary
comments:  Simply the Best
smartypants    profile - diary
comments:  it's nice to read another perspective of Chicago
marn    profile - diary
comments:  Makes me want to chuck city living and buy a log cabin.
chauffi    profile - diary
comments:  fellow Weet-a-shopper
trancejen    profile - diary
comments:  more views of greater-Chicagoland
Biensoul    profile - diary
comments:  the east-coast point of view
Mare-ingenii    profile - diary
comments:  Canada's First Lady
Simka    profile - diary
comments:  A fine writer and a good person
BettyBigHead    profile - diary
comments:  pure Kentucky sweetness
MoreSarah    profile - diary
comments:  Sould post more entries!
Prolifique    profile - diary
comments:  My first unknown linky! Now known, but still an honor.
AHarris06    profile - diary
comments:  I only wish I could look half as good as Amy's template photo!
DebSiobhan    profile - diary
comments:  Why, oh why can't my template look one tenth this good?
SuzannaDanna    profile - diary
comments:  Why has it taken me this long to start reading her?
WindsorBlu    profile - diary
comments:  Why has it taken her so long to start journalling?
UncleBob    profile - diary
comments:  Again - why did it take so long for me to start readin him?
AzzWeePay    profile - diary
comments:  Hey! A fellow Illinoisian (?) and a fellow runner!
BeautyJunkie    profile - diary
comments:  Who doesn't like to read about beauty products?

My favorite music:

Kill Hannah
comments:  Nothing makes me feel more like I'm in High School than Kill Hannah.
Ralph Vaughn Williams
comments:  British composers are the best! I can picture beautiful pastoral scenes when I listen to his works and I am overcome by the beauty.
The Delays
comments:  I missed their one Chicago appearance four years ago and I'm still kicking myself.
The Go-Betweens
comments:  The best Brit-style pop from an Australian band you've probably never heard.
Del Amitri
comments:  But only the very first CD on Chrysalis. I want someone to write songs like that about me.

My favorite movies:

The Blue Iguana
comments:  Hey - who knew that Dylan McDermott would become such a huge star! I love all the goofy aspects of this movie and I wish it would come out on DVD.
The Lord of the Rings Movies
comments:  Gah. I know - so obvious, but the epic nature of the story and the outstanding vision and direction of Peter Jackson bowl me over. Give me a good epic any day.
Next Stop Wonderland
comments:  Not only does it have a great soundtrack, but it's funny and the romantic storyline is really cute without being sappy. Quite a feat in my book. Plus the male lead reminds me of SH - hubba hubba!
comments:  The pseudo-slang made me feel like an oldster but I was rivited to the screen.
Holiday Inn
comments:  But only if the've kept in the Lincoln's Birthday scene.

My favorite authors:

Nancy Mitford
comments:  Whenever I read her books or autobiographies of the Mitford sisters I get the feeling I was born a little too late and into the wrong family.....
Norman Maclean
comments:  Perfect. Just perfect.
David Sedaris
comments:  I think he's actually made me laugh so hard that I wet my pants. Embarrassing but true.
Carol Goodman
comments:  Mysteries that I can fool myself into thinking are high-brow.
Donna Tartt
comments:  I just wish she would be more prolific.

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