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~ Everything Ends...

'legend' is the title of an 80's movie that is exactly how i -think-, while 'vacant' is the title of a really cool song form a local band calld 'the council' ...

20/Male/California, USA

theres all sorts of pages about me once you actually get into the diary.. im too lazy to link them here too..

My favorite diaries:

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My favorite music:

Alkaline Trio
comments:  so fucking awesome.. i think they know me
comments:  jus coolies
comments:  Down wit da clown till im dead in da ground? whut?
comments:  most techno r0x... the rest, i dont listen to
comments:  i d/l'd a whole bunch a week ago, and they rock!

My favorite movies:

comments:  the original, not frank herberts remake
Star Trek
comments:  most of the movies rockd
Star Wars
comments:  Princess Leia.. omfg.. so fine
South Park
comments:  it was SO funny!
Yamamoto Yohko
comments:  ~ Its tyme you learned -Just- who you picked a fight with!!

My favorite authors:

Jesus Christ
comments:  the most inspirational piece of fiction known to humanity
comments:  they make the DnD books
White Wolf
comments:  and they make the VTM books
Frederik Pohl
comments:  coolies books i read.. cant remember much else
Orson Scott Card
comments:  Enders Game.. i almost cryd *so coolies*

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