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aaaaaaaa1313 (by jofetish, 328 replies)
aboutyou (by whoisadriana, 900 replies)
allaboutme (by spidersoma, 21 replies)
authenticity (by godfuck, 34 replies)
aardvarksex1 (by thefool, 481 replies)
astrosurvey (by naked-duet, 25 replies)
answerme2 (by jmixtape, 15 replies)
acid (by xmoonbunnyx, 48 replies)
allaboutyou (by deepblue3, 56 replies)
areyoumad (by jonathan, 42 replies)
andyouare (by lovely-freak, 55 replies)
asdf (by drhead, 73 replies)
arggg (by twirlygurl, 60 replies)
andthensome (by smurphy21, 12 replies)
after911 (by nocalgal, 235 replies)
asurvey (by ghostkiss, 64 replies)
alists20 (by banefulvenus, 71 replies)
aliasmales (by gaila, 24 replies)
astrology1 (by dramoth, 94 replies)
abuffything (by noadawn, 33 replies)
a0a0a0a (by for-you-only, 6 replies)
activities (by malreyn, 10 replies)
aah (by stella-caeli, 36 replies)
areyoume (by bigglasses, 182 replies)
atcocksucker (by theicing, 0 replies)
akiss (by trinity63, 125 replies)
amazinggrace (by chikyblonde, 11 replies)
aboutme (by danielle1707, 33 replies)
abortion (by janababe, 131 replies)
anime (by cidergoddess, 88 replies)
allaboutme (by darkartscat, 111 replies)
a0rape (by for-you-only, 76 replies)
alotterywin (by ashen-eve, 49 replies)
answerhere (by chaostraffic, 50 replies)
atheism (by shygrl21, 65 replies)
apill2fixu (by sood, 45 replies)
allaboutyou (by cherrychoco, 235 replies)
ahno (by smurphy21, 69 replies)
aboutyou (by dimstar, 45 replies)
allaboutyou (by the-la-story, 35 replies)
abreakupsong (by dizzigemini, 29 replies)
ana2u (by analiana, 21 replies)
amputee (by ingii, 4 replies)
a2003gump (by gumphood, 56 replies)
animefreak (by hotarunolady, 154 replies)
alissurvey (by aliboomboom, 41 replies)
asplinter (by secondclass, 26 replies)
adoption (by pinyon, 4 replies)
a11111111116 (by windlass1, 36 replies)
animaltalk (by plaguegirl, 90 replies)
aanniesquiz (by bigglasses, 273 replies)
athome (by sambadelic, 84 replies)
a10things (by ruachadonai, 33 replies)
aboutu (by kaywa, 134 replies)
anaandmia (by sylviashadow, 156 replies)
augustsurvey (by augustdreams, 68 replies)
allaboutlove (by seekingme, 126 replies)
aliensonly (by deadly-mind, 373 replies)
awasurvey (by awomanalone, 15 replies)
asurvey (by cpttylor, 88 replies)
amaniciam (by sunshine831, 11 replies)
asshammer (by patbateman, 28 replies)
anthrax (by faux-real, 14 replies)
arsestompin (by son-shade, 15 replies)
answerme (by coltpixy, 196 replies)
americanlife (by shigatsu1974, 9 replies)
aubergine (by cocksucker69, 7 replies)
australia (by chadder, 6 replies)
adventures (by kisetsu, 20 replies)
angelic (by dreamgazing, 27 replies)
aboutyou (by happyredhead, 92 replies)
alleighties (by silverbiker, 14 replies)
addsomemusic (by popcore, 75 replies)
adhd (by sflorida, 30 replies)
association (by mvua, 30 replies)
areyoume (by crateobscure, 20 replies)
akidofthe80s (by bigglasses, 180 replies)
amimoving (by angstgrrrl, 5 replies)
aallthings (by windlass1, 52 replies)
antideprsnts (by lousrose, 113 replies)
acatslife (by mynameiscat, 58 replies)
allnitecafe (by greentealeaf, 37 replies)
allsex (by alldrama, 153 replies)
askproust (by trulymadly74, 30 replies)
answerthis (by krissallae, 54 replies)
alfoobetter (by iamnifty, 44 replies)
avampiressin (by avampiressin, 8 replies)
anyonethere (by emjaylambert, 53 replies)
auralsex (by ravieslave, 61 replies)
aboutsex (by trinity63, 908 replies)
allaboutyou (by indiepro, 86 replies)
addiction (by jonnybox, 238 replies)
andnow (by autumn666, 34 replies)
a10q1 (by valxexrie, 100 replies)
ahhah (by smurphy21, 92 replies)
attnladies (by hollster, 8 replies)
appetitesex (by jonnybox, 383 replies)
amalthea2 (by amalthea23, 17 replies)
allaboutyou (by cece1234, 43 replies)
aboutyou (by arrora, 256 replies)
allaboutme (by nicronsart, 14 replies)
annoypeople (by msofthedark, 110 replies)
allaboutu (by boberry, 104 replies)
alanasfirst (by lovinglav, 22 replies)
allisurvey (by starshine29, 28 replies)
apocaanime (by apocalizardn, 7 replies)
a11style (by jbaby3, 1080 replies)
aboutguys (by sweetstuff42, 6 replies)
aboutyou (by chemfreak, 6 replies)
abortion (by hampy-dance, 79 replies)
adultsonly (by meow-mixx, 124 replies)
anonsurvey (by writtenanon, 32 replies)
aaaaarrrgggh (by markthehulk, 43 replies)
aboutyou (by dreamer9481, 103 replies)
annarain (by annarain, 13 replies)
australia (by newsjunkie93, 9 replies)
afterschool (by kittydevious, 35 replies)
ahhaaa (by jetbot, 68 replies)
asurvey (by giantkiller, 27 replies)
aboutme (by sexfiendgirl, 752 replies)
another (by ceciliamarie, 45 replies)
areyouabcs (by cocksucker69, 15 replies)
aboutme (by vivelepunk, 1326 replies)
aa11tryme (by vegant1, 37 replies)
anothersurve (by thisismywish, 23 replies)
ariel (by sylviashadow, 16 replies)
abortion1 (by dramoth, 396 replies)
aboutyou (by losergeek, 270 replies)
aletter (by daxle, 147 replies)
aaaaaahem (by russface, 3 replies)
annarbor (by annarborsux, 35 replies)
a1sexquiz (by alldrama, 918 replies)
ahlikemovies (by hollywoodusc, 345 replies)
a0001 (by stillostat48, 3 replies)
adults2 (by meow-mixx, 47 replies)
ahyea (by smurphy21, 126 replies)
artist (by luciyen, 98 replies)
acidtrips (by ashen-eve, 109 replies)
aboutyou (by fun-loving, 124 replies)
americanpie (by ontheoutside, 5 replies)
allbackwards (by windlass1, 20 replies)
abcsofme (by chicknstrip, 191 replies)
allaboutme (by prsstar69, 4 replies)
adultsurvey (by trinity63, 793 replies)
atop5survey (by briannarae, 36 replies)
ayeayeaye (by mymichele, 246 replies)
aboutyou (by imoverdue, 183 replies)
awful (by c1996, 109 replies)
aaasurvey (by jbaby3, 341 replies)
autumns (by autumn666, 37 replies)

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bass-heart : atheism
hello-tampon : losers
sewer-rat : lifestatus
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sewer-rat : agoodone
onegrl1982 : livinglife
onegrl1982 : nicenesses
onegrl1982 : allnitecafe
onegrl1982 : health
onegrl1982 : engagement
onegrl1982 : lifestrategy
onegrl1982 : deathsurvey
ekennedy : health
fitzgeraldxx : deathsurvey
the-spleen : acatslife
callmemoose : randomness3
t3h-raven : robots
t3h-raven : w00masochist
t3h-raven : w0what0uwant
t3h-raven : w00000sm
sewer-rat : jobsurvey
ladymckee : aboutme
sewer-rat : choice


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