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from heidiann :
Okay I may have made a SLIGHT moaning noise when I saw that nerdelicious site...
from cdghost :
enjoyed your words
from tuff517 :
People like Jimmy need a karate chop to the forehead.
from tuff517 :
Oohhhh. Sorry. Clive Owen is already married. To me. You can have Jude Law as a consolation prize, though!
from squirma :
Excuse me? WHO does she/he fucking hate???? As to suggestions for getting along in America: I'm rich, I'm white, I LEFT a church because it refused to ordain homos, I'm almost abstinent because I have no choice as I aproach really old age..I have NO gun, but I HAVE emigrated. And let me tell you an old NY joke: Lovely young woman of no particular color or breed was attacked by a vampire. Always prepared, she withdrew a cross from beneath her pillow and held it up in front of her. The vampire then shrugged and said "Goornisht helfen" phonetically expressed here because I don't know the real spelling which is Yiddish for "nothing helps". Canadians are no safer than you are.
from quiconque :
It's an honor to be hated by you--you're too putrid and smelly to keep around as a friend, Eunice-with-a-penis.
from whyihateyou :
I have decided that I fucking hate you.
from squirma :
When I went to City College at night about 45 years ago, I went to the library for some books on my reading lists. The student librarian had great difficulty finding ANY of them. Finally he said "Wait a minute...are these on your reading list?" Me: yeah. Boy: Oh! Then we don't have them. Me: huh? He: We don't have books on the reading lists. Me: Why not? He: Because then everyone would be here asking for them. Me: And?? He: Well then there'd be too much of a demand. Me: Oh..so you only have books for which there's NO demand? He: huh? Also, my first husband was the Commissioner of Books and Records (NYC)(a librarian ..Municipal Library). Library parties are the greatest!!!!
from quiconque :
Babs has a name. It's Barbarella. Prima wins the contest!
from yrrrah :
The baby gorilla formerly known as Babs is sad to be nameless. She defers to Quiconque's judgement, of course (even if that means Baba Wawa), but respectfully offers two other possibilities, if alter egos from LOR and BTVS are acceptable - Gimli, or Bad Willow.
from quiconque :
Ah! Slippery fingers. I call "Do Over." RinalDi, if I were to marry a man, it would be you.
from quiconque :
Rinalsi, if I were to marry a man, it would be you.
from rinaldi :
hey quiconque- So this dude in this bar was not worth talking to? Sounds like a pretty ballsy, no nonsense MF. Was he barf material? you never say. it depresses me, as a man, to see a homeboy shooting it straight and not ever getting a conversation in return. are you worried what the "heartless bitches" would say? what up?
from rinaldi :
sittin' here bloggin' it up. love it! it rocks my world to see that JR has made your fav list. yeah! all the best!
from sooner :
It's a good point. Unfortunately those bitches in the cataloging department will never co-operate. I will approach them on Monday anyway. I suppose I could publish my own card catalog...
from sooner :
I intend to collect them at the reference desk. So, say you're in the library and you're having pancakes and you don't have enough syrup. Ok? Ok. So you're like doo doo doo, what am I going to do about this horrible syrup problem? I mean, here I am having pancakes and they're totally dry. Nobody likes a dry flapjack. Nobody. Well, you could then go to the reference desk and ask, "hey, reference librarian! Say, do you have any pancake syrup?" And then I could say, "Oh, patron. Let me look in the law library's condiment collection to see." ANd then I would look in the drawer and I'd be all doo doo doo. And then I would say, "I'm sorry, we don't have any pancake syrup today, but we do have strawberry jam, which is always nice on a pancake. Perhaps you could make use of the strawberry jam?" And then the patron would be all, "I'm allergic to strawberries, but perhaps I will check back tomorrow to see if there is any syrup in the reference condiment drawer. Thank you for looking kind reference librarian." I'm trying to establish a utopia, Qui. A utopia.
from peth :
i will gladly torture anyone and everyone.
from sooner :
Oh, Qui! When we're in the pen, maybe we can sneak off to the hole and live out a few torture fantasies!
from sooner :
This note is being left via the new notes link. Oh, Qui. You're so attentive to my needs.
from sooner :
Listen closely. To make me happy you need do only one thing. You must put a link to your notes in your diary. It's so simple.
from squirma :
Incidentally.I updated heavily. I put in some stuff I had in another blog site. Actually, those come up as my most recent...but Rumsfeld is my most recent.
from squirma :
Hey! Squirma here. Better than Zadie..much! You ARE working on your own and not just sillilllillyly envying hers....Aren't you? LoveXXXXX
from squirma :
Me again..How can I have you notified of when I update? I just updated as per email specs.
from squirma :
Does this mean you're NOT going to email me anymore????

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