Charismatic Megafauna

I am a grad student, a lowly library clerk, a tutor, and a major consumer of popular culture.

My favorite diaries:

sooner profile - diary
comments: He is my new boyfriend. I don't care if you tell me he's gay.
zantimisfit profile - diary
comments: If Zanti's a misfit, well then, so am I.
addieplum profile - diary
comments: Addie doesn't live here anymore.
squirma profile - diary
comments: Taught me all I know about sinnin'.
blue_flag profile - diary
bevin profile - diary
comments: I heart Bevin.
peth profile - diary
comments: The freshmaker.
salmondriver profile - diary
comments: You better do what Salmon Sez.
heidiann profile - diary
comments: Her milkshakes bring all the geeks to the yard.
weeme profile - diary
comments: Weeeeeee!
shastared profile - diary
comments: I want to write something clever here, but she's beaten me to it.
zaziel profile - diary
comments: He uses the word "callipygian." The Dooty Nadog is also brilliant.
zealandgirl profile - diary
augustdreams profile - diary
fadein profile - diary
comments: MURDERHOUSE.
tuff517 profile - diary

My favorite music:

The Smiths
comments: I was looking for a job and then I found a job, and heaven knows, I'm miserable now.
The Talking Heads
comments: Thank you, thank you.
The White Stripes
comments: My strength is tenfold.
comments: Step into my Hyundai.
The Beastie Boys
comments: When did King Ad Rock get so damned good-looking?

My favorite movies:

comments: Peter Rinaldi is the MAN. Really. Watch his stuff. It's good. It's short. It's real.
The Matrix
comments: There is no spoon. There were no sequels.
Fight Club
comments: Yes, I'm a girl who liked Fight Club. Pretty boys hitting each other because they feel empty is fun to watch. And Meatloaf's breasts!
Breaking Away
comments: To this day, I cannot say "refund" like a normal person.
comments: Sean Connery in an orange panty, only to change into a wedding dress later. The voice of the turtle is heard in the land. Word.

My favorite authors:

Stephanie Brown
comments: I'll read anything this woman writes. Why isn't she published?
Zadie Smith
comments: White Teeth. Wish I'd written it.
Edward Said
comments: All my academic work stems from him in some way.
Lloyd Alexander
comments: I still get weepy at the end of the Chronicles of Prydain. He is the nicest man ever to have made me cry.
Vladimir Nabokov
comments: Lolita is the best-written book I've ever read.

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