I am standing in a wide open space with a slow-motion volcano in my heart.

'Zaziel, necessarily desirous

Paul Eluard: I have not always had this certainty, this pessimism which reassures the best among us. There was a time when my friends laughed at me. I was not the master of my words. A certain indifference, I have not always known well what I wanted to say, but most often it was because I had nothing to say. The neccessity of speaking and the desire not to be heard. My life hanging only by a thread.

There was a time when I seemed to understand nothing. My chains floated on the water.

All my desires are born of my dreams. And I have proven my love with words. To what fantastic creatures have I entrusted myself, in what dolorous and ravishing world has my imagination enclosed me? I am sure of having been loved in the most mysterious of domains, my own. The language of my love does not belong to human language, my human body does not touch the flesh of my love. My amorous imagination has always been constant and high enough so that nothing could attempt to convince me of error.

My favorite diaries:

queentrixie profile - diary
comments: She made me feel gorgeous. The Inspiration for the Fallen. She's gone away. Aloha, czarina.
queerscribe profile - diary
comments: Humbles me.
discodave profile - diary
comments: Because the man understands the significance of paper and vinyl. Because everytime I see his name, I hear the Village People.
gallinula profile - diary
comments: Every time I read this fellow's journal, I leave impressed and grateful for the indefinite recompenses of human language.
zaziel profile - diary
comments: Fuck false modesty. At least once, let's be honest.
sooner profile - diary
comments: Smart, sharp, and funny as hell is reported to be. Still the hub of the Soonerverse, but get your daily dose here: http://www.andromeda.rutgers.edu/~blaho/
peth profile - diary
comments: A conundrum who knits brilliant hats to cover her magnificent wigs. Moved. Fresh Peth at: http://verbatim.rutgers.edu/elspeth/
castigada profile - diary
comments: If I ever have a son, I'm naming him Castigada.
madrigle profile - diary
comments: Nominated for "Most Luscious Diary" in Diaryland. Perfectly plummy. Yummm-nummmy.
floodtide profile - diary
comments: I envy his lack of reticence. I envy his output. I envy his dinner guests. He appreciates Rothko. He makes a nice nude. Hazel eyes. Yeah, I'd do 'im.
jonnydarling profile - diary
comments: The Big Blue Blog-a-Roo has sucked me in. Ignorance of Paris Hilton and Total Request Live can only bring the highest recommendation.
marn profile - diary
comments: Flabbergastingly lovable.
theredarmy profile - diary
comments: In his own words: "Young male typing...automatically the dick...sheetrock...coughing up some really burly stuff."
awittykitty profile - diary
comments: She falls apart in the presence of penises and is formulating a theory of cute naked assedness in males--plus pix of leprechauns jacking off for St. Patrick's Day. How could I not love her?
non-descript profile - diary
comments: Beguiling erudition. He's more fascinating than he realizes.
fergie profile - diary
comments: Destined to rule Planet Diva.
idiot-milk profile - diary
comments: "I must be Jesus." Oh, if only! The world needs a Jesus with a talking uterus and a cat named ButtWash.
poul profile - diary
comments: Filmmaker Ken Burns once said, "Regardless of the progress of things, the essential human experience is of loss."
veg profile - diary
comments: The Vegan With Attitude is back. (Okay, yeah, all vegans have attitude, but this one has perfect syntax.)
b-w-p profile - diary
comments: First a favorite of Queen Trixie's (she has excellent taste) and now of mine.
gigantor profile - diary
comments: Mangus, Part 2. A more northern sassy.
thejanechord profile - diary
comments: Eminently quotable, so I do. Stopped updating in 2003, dammit.
quiconque profile - diary
comments: Did you know there are five kinds of ooze on the sidewalks of Paris?
cyanophyta profile - diary
comments: We are all aggregates of our lost worlds. (In response to Jean Guitton.)
dharmabum profile - diary
comments: She makes me yearn for California--and I live there! Can an avocado on emmenthaler sandwich be a state of mind?
fadein profile - diary
comments: Walking that razor's edge between brilliance and banality.
mnvnjnsn profile - diary
comments: Queen of the Winter Carnival.
raven72d profile - diary
comments: He's too embarrassed to talk to me, but I'm keeping a queer eye on this ostensibly straight guy.
smoog profile - diary
comments: Utterly deranged, in the nicest possible way.
gerg69 profile - diary
comments: Whale penises, talking to the dead, ejaculation at the speed of light, and Charles Addams.
whyihateyou profile - diary
comments: For every Christ, there is an Antichrist. And then there's Eunice.
squirrelx profile - diary
comments: I have a hard time believing she's real and I want to practice my incredulity. I suspect this is written by members of the Squirrel Anti-Defamation League. I'm jealous of their quote hoard.
f-ckwittage profile - diary
comments: Back in blackest black.
slutboy profile - diary
comments: Gone.
volcanic profile - diary
comments: Gone.
zuleika profile - diary
comments: Gone..
mangus profile - diary
comments: Gone.
oedalis profile - diary
comments: Gone.
dacoso profile - diary
comments: Gone.
chay profile - diary
comments: Locked.
bluechicken profile - diary
comments: Locked.
bazling profile - diary
comments: Kiss me and I wake. It's the Sleeping Beauty reflex.

My favorite music:

Astrud Gilberto
comments: She made me fall in love with a sea godling. My Boy From Ipanema. Except he was from Encinitas.
Marionettes For Cheap
comments: I'm sure you've never heard of them. The band lasted for almost 8 months. I was the MFC's Road Manager and Fucktoy for 6 of those months. My most favorite band in the whole wide world.
Dean Martin
comments: As a child, I wanted to grow up to be an amalgam of Dean Martin, Cary Grant, Mark Twain, Leonardo da Vinci, Tarzan and the Count of Monte Cristo, with Yannick Noah's ass. My boyfriends would be the Hardy Boys and my best girl would be Dorothy Parker
Ottorino Respighi
comments: Ancient Dances and Airs for Lute - Antal Dorati conducting the Philharmonica Hungaria
Stevie Ray Vaughan
comments: The Sky is Crying; Couldn't Stand the Weather

My favorite movies:

AS I SEE IT by Greg Gorman, photographer
comments: Not a movie. But it has lots of pictures. I love books with lots of pictures.
comments: Not a movie. But it has lots of pictures. I love books with lots of pictures.
The 14th Edition of the ENCYCLOP�DIA BRITANNICA
comments: Not a movie (duh.) 1929. Before the Great Depression, before Hitler, before the atomic bomb. No Israel. No computers. Pages and pages under Freemasonry and Aesthetics, 3 paragraphs under Einstein and Freud. Did ya think our world was immortal?
comments: A movie! Won the Oscar for Best Short Animated Film in 1988.
comments: Another movie! (See? I don't have to be an iconoclast all the time.) Sergio Leone's masterpiece.

My favorite authors:

Dave McKean
comments: CAGES. (Did I mention I love books with lots of pictures?) A coup de ma�tre. (Well, I couldn't say "masterpiece" again, could I?)
comments: The short stories. Gems of wickedness. Candy for your inner-child, if your inner-child is half-beast. Or half-angel. Which amounts to the same thing.
comments: Yeah, yeah, I know it's a movie. I still want to grow up to be Sam Marlowe.
Ricardo Pinto
comments: The Stone Dance of the Chameleon
Harlan Ellison
comments: The short stories. Guaranteed to damage you for life.

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