abashful[e] yeis w!a sted.

no no no no.

My favorite diaries:

zizi profile - diary
comments: "all of life is just one procrastination after another. i'm afraid i won't know something. you're afraid of something too."
qerique profile - diary
comments: "nestled in your blankets, unconcious movements, and dreams hyperplot."
a-priori profile - diary
comments: "we forget how to love our mothers. we forget how to remember. we forget how to experience quality. we forget how poverty is the reason for taste at all. we forget how to take people out of context. we forget what prejudicedness means."
kats profile - diary
comments: "I wore pink satin and pearls and colored my lips. We are all false shadows of ourselves."
ickypop profile - diary
comments: " the view from here is a panorama; every day was a window painted over and painted shut. i'm kissing today. "
monkeyrobot profile - diary
comments: "Monkey Robot dances, Monkey Robot is drunk, but all Monkey Robot can think about is red apples, and words."
ctrl-alt-del profile - diary
koalapad profile - diary
comments: "I'd always be stuck wearing my old, neon purple tuxedo that I kept in the attic. And I fear my father, because he punched me in the gut for moving to Hawaii and never coming back. And what a punch that was."
rebecca profile - diary
comments: "Of all the ways to be beautiful you had to go and pick that one"
mydryskin profile - diary
metalheart profile - diary
comments: "i secretly miss the way my heart popped up mexican jumping bean style every time i passed by that one church. every time i saw a misplaced fancy car on a steaming city street."
onethought profile - diary
comments: "something i overheard regarding a vending machine: 'now why does it have to be $1.05? that's just like saying 'fuck you!'"
rhetoric profile - diary
comments: "hey, i have an idea, maybe if we all have like seventeen flags on or about our person at all times bad men will disappear and we can eat gumdrops all day long. [i don't like gumdrops.]"
craptacular profile - diary
sex-onion profile - diary
comments: "Jay Leno gave me a dollar to take his shoes off and put them on the TV for good luck and so the dirty carpet elves don`t take away his second ugliest daughter. He learnt that the hard way. So I left him alone to reap the souls of naughty squirrels&q
mymetrocard profile - diary
comments: "there's god commericals on my TV. they let me know we're not all right. "
erato profile - diary
literatim profile - diary
dent profile - diary
comments: "worried corduroy / can you see me hanging on?"
bumpercar profile - diary
comments: "i learn to swim without splashes and laugh without sound. i learn to sit so still i melt in to puddles and evaporate to air...i learned it all from you."
neighborhood profile - diary
comments: walking.
realjesus profile - diary
comments: "it is so hard to be jesus, seriously"
randomfacts profile - diary
returnsender profile - diary
seedpod profile - diary
comments: "See if you fall in love with my placement of objects."
clonetrade profile - diary
squirrelx profile - diary
babyhead profile - diary
munkyjay profile - diary
comments: it's a tiny world, it is.
grapebubbles profile - diary
comments: because grape bubbles are better than soy grapes.
abortedfetus profile - diary
comments: "should i be deeply ashamed that not only was i persuaded to eat a buttered french fry, but also that i liked it?"
sundaygirl profile - diary
scratchvinyl profile - diary
jwinokur profile - diary
smalltalk profile - diary
zaziel profile - diary
mammas-pills profile - diary
comments: "We start off so accepting and curious of the world, and then somewhere our spongy brains sucks up enough poison that our soul spoils, and we fear the world. "
cinemashow profile - diary
whyihateyou profile - diary
comments: oboy
i-girl profile - diary
troubledteen profile - diary
comments: "Like, I think maybe he said something like 'They Are Probably Giants' or 'Radioface' or something. Whatever!"
cagey profile - diary
swordfern profile - diary
novembre profile - diary
worthlessl profile - diary
shutupmom profile - diary
que-suerte profile - diary
comments: what fun
wrecking profile - diary
comments: whaaa?
projectavoid profile - diary
thefallofart profile - diary
the29th profile - diary
vesselland profile - diary
kacklefight profile - diary
sparklytears profile - diary
lilywithagun profile - diary
dinadarko profile - diary
verum profile - diary
o-twinkle-o profile - diary
slightly-off profile - diary
jdiggs profile - diary
rivelea profile - diary
luckbalady profile - diary
toejam profile - diary
the-don-juan profile - diary
bluerainsoda profile - diary
folkbitch profile - diary
damasu profile - diary
frust profile - diary

My favorite music:

Soul Coughing
Tom Waits
Amon Tobin
comments: come home

My favorite movies:

Big Fish
comments: "i was just going to try and have that tree over there fall on you."
Waking Life

My favorite authors:

Marilynn Robinson
Thomas Pynchon
Jorge Luis Borges
E. E. Cummings
comments: you are tired, i think.
Derrick Jensen

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