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from pink-circle :
{Circle Invite} On behalf of the circle, I invite you to join our writer's group. I have noticed your shown interest in poetry/writing. If you are interested, please note back. :) ~Circle Counsil
from candycarmel :
please delete me, thanks
from candycarmel :
if you don't remember-than i'm to late-it's time for me to forget also-have a great life and don't forget what Jesus has done for ya and always chew-chew on a cashew.
from candycarmel :
hey baby. just thought i'd let ya know that i've really learned a lot about yourself these past few days. i wish i could see your pic in your profile-i read you looked handsome. as Bjork? your diary rings are questionable. i'm not sure what to think-but i do enjoy some of your writings. just found some of my old poetry at my old home. moms hid a lot from me. i thought diaryland might be a good thing for me to try and so i have. i'm not sure how you feel about me writing you so-if you want to forget then i will too. i'm just having a hard time at the moment. you know how things go. i do want the contact-and i admit your poetry speaks for me too. trust is not what i ask. just your words. you can touch a lot of people. and you've touched me more than you can know. the other wig says i'm out of my mind-and sometimes i think i might be-for cowering at love(shall you say). you've been the only one that constantly persists in my dreams. i've prayed to God he would free me of this emotion but He has not. why i don't know.maybe i'm just killing myself with this.who knows? but God. you never told me how you felt-maybe it's good you didn't. i wouldv'e found myself by your side-all you had to do was ask. why i'm saying this now-i don't know. maybe just to get it off my chest. you know all i asked for and only you can give it. i will plead no more-you know where to find me.
from sparklytears :
my god your words are so fucking breathtaking. what else can i say?
from mikamw710 :
jesus was not a carpendrs son he is gods son. he is the one who came 2 save us. god is our heavnly father. men did not make up god he is very real have u ever looked out side & saw a tree were do u think that came from? yeah yeah yeah a seed but were did that seed come from ppl cant make a tree. i would like 2 c u make 1
from thefallofart :
username: sunkship, password: lungs
from metalheart :
i was starting to think you had gone forever. like a dummy, i deleted your beautiful pj harvey template. any way a girl could get that back? xo.
from vesselland :
hey! beautyful work. i really like whet you write and i think i will pass by from time to time... thank you for the tip with tibet probably i should have a look at this topic. right now i consider to write about circumcision of women in sudan but that could change any time soon. i have this massive problem to describe the culture of capitalism and globalisation using any example. it just feels like my examples aren't related enough... whatever, i don't want to stress you with my problems. i will figure something out in the next couple days. thanx for listing me and i can't wait to get your mail. you are the first one from px! writing me on diaryland...
from raven72d :
Ahhh... you're a fan of Oedipa Maas!
from sparklytears :
i do not have words to describe the feeling that your writing gives me. i do not have words because words do not exist for ;;that;; description. your words are rose-cloured exultations of beauty. & i can only thank you for them. [<3]
from suchthat :
alright crypticy-McCrypticerson. um. that sounds awkward. but i rarely ignore notes.
from o-twinkle-o :
i knew about the pomegranates because i knew about the apples, too. the fruits of your labor are fine-andiloveyourhiway. -e
from kacklefight :
wonderful, wonderful, indeed... nice enough to see the vitamins before they spread on your body like jelly on white bread
from revgirlutena :
What is your quest???? Did you know that one of the people from the group are going on tour as a comedy tour. It sounds really cool. Hope you have a good day, bye!
from sundaygirl :
darlin' I love your stuff, too. email me at [email protected] and I'll hook you up with the passwords!
from tola :
Hi, I just filled out your religion-survey and wanted to say that it was really good! Good questions. Well, that's all.
from slapmeharder :
damn not sure the guestbooks are being mean. I wanted to tell you again you're making me laugh. So now you've consistantly made me laugh and previously you've made me shed tears- now all that is left is vomitting- so a terribly gross entry is now needed. Hee. xxx
from dont-stop :
“they’re the ones who tried to beat trains” - cool response.
from neeena :
Kerr Avon lives, indeed!! (And the other day I had this way cool dream about many of the B7 cast, and Callie was really still alive, too, which made me sooooo happy!) Hello. *waves hi* What brought you to my poor ole neglected diary? (I am working on updates, I swear!) Oh, no... now you've got me thinking about all that leather and studs an' stuff. Here we go... *winks*
from munkyjay :
I tried to leave a note for you but the link isn't working for "untitled, part 1". It has some classic Roman intrigue to it, a great hook. I especially love the names you choose, it is one of the most important, albeit subtle, parts of storytelling and you understand that well.
from d-i-n-a :
Hey, I would love to join your atheism diaryring. I don't know how to do it, though. just e-mail me at [email protected] P.S. I like the color of your hair in the pic on your profile.
from santaroberto :
it's nice in here, but it'd be better with some Pho. psh, just my opinion.
from acespeed :
Your diary's layout is really nice, I like it a lot. The content rules as well. Keep my hope in people alive.
from koolkid2000 :
Dear Bluchicken, you are so passionate, an dI agree, that isn't a weakness. Tell me why you are as passionate as you are please. And tell me why you wrote all those quotes, and where did you get all those quotes from anyways? I love them. Yah I know, usually 11 year olds don't like petry like that, but I do. I understand them. I especially love that one that you wrote for zizi. Leave me a note in my notes section. My name is koolkid2000 by the way.
from needstorage :
from mantech :
Well, Blake looked pretty dead... he was bleeding a great deal anyway... yes, Servalan definitely should've shown up, if only so her and Avon could flirt some more. Oh, the tension!
from mantech :
You mean AVON isn't dead? God, that Blake's 7 final was pretty grim for me at 13 or whatever I was at the time...
from mantech :
Good, cos really the world has all the dead people it needs. Hello.
from my-mind :
hey thanks! i didn't even notice that i had no link to my rings with the new layout! so, i have fixed it :)
from neko-carre :
Welcome to the Hitchcock diaryring.
from awannabeme :
you. you. you. are just wonderful. and every little thing that bothers you... should. and what should bother you more, is that it doesn't bother them. <i>they</i> never seem to be bothered when i look.
from awannabeme :
oh mon cherie... i hope you felt not an ounce of pressure from me as the accords to designing. i love to read what you write regardless. i understand the ungrateful people in this world and how they dry their boots on us.
from blizzardduck :
I love your diary stuff. Very far out there! I have a very good friend in rome named Bigus Dickus, I'm sure you've heard of him?
from awannabeme :
yes, its true. you and i must connect. i feel it in your words that come out of my heart. (do you still design diaries)
from slapmeharder :
you make everything go quiet. this is a good thing. xxx
from awannabeme :
i've been an admirer of your diary for a long time.
from hapapowerr :
thanks. (very much). are you friends with a-priori, or just like his diary? oh, do you feel the same way, is that why you quoted that.
from futtbucker :
thanks much! cool quote, your teacher must've been pretty sweet.
from sidchicken :
Dude look i've left a message for CHICKEN as well and you r totally bumming me out using chicken in your name but i'm sorry dude but SIDCHICKEN will always be the best chicken in the world. There is only one chicken, and it is me! Late Sidchicken x
from strikeonbox :
hiya. there you go. thanks for the note.
from iremainyours :
you're beautiful.
from my-mind :
hey. i'm in your run lola run ring. i dont 'know if you have a problem with locked diaries, but i just locked mine. it should only be locked for about a week. thanks :)
from heartshaped :
gorgeous. cheers.
from robot-dave :
your writing and layout are a breath of fresh air. thank you.
from thisisjohn :
two girls. in a puddle of ducks. bread for a magnet. nice.
from schizogirl :
I love the PJ Picture.
from atypicalgirl :
you're not real. love you!
from damodred :
i saw the picture of you as bjork. you are beautiful.
from jadedbitch :
i like you and you are nice and i have a vocabulary of a eight year old but its all good because you are super bad ass.
from mamahen :
Feed me some deep fat fried feline fat! Hey Bluechicken! Just thought I'd drop you a line and say Hi! And don't worry, Fucking Albert Lea is toast!
from kats :
we are paralleling in space (or at least your stories are beginning to match my reality). sadly, i can't talk about anything that is happening to me because of certain someones. certain shadow who may or may not be haunting me. anyhoo... the words keep coming from your mouth so maybe i'll just let them speak for me too. fondly yours, kats/snatch.
from buttrice :
wow. i was going to sign your guestbook but it blew my mind. "cancerous little nuggets of joy" ha ha! that is a disgustingly great line. i'll remember that one. ahh, and aren't boys charming when it comes to the subject of breasts? i occasionally get into some pretty intense (verbal) arguments with my breasts over their worth and function. they don’t usually agree with my views, and punish me by aching every few weeks. oh well. i often forget the cool things about breasts. i won’t get into that. not here, not now. it can wait. anyways, your diary is very interesting, and i assume that you are too. i wish i could meet people like you. i guess i’ll have to use my conversational skills on my breasts for now. keep writing!
from ruth88 :
Cool layout. And I like the Jane story. It's good.
from beuysgirl :
never mind, it's cibo matto, i've figured it out. phew. i was going to put it on a tape, but then i put birthday cake. yay shakira!! i lived in spain this past summer as well.
from beuysgirl :
good lord, where is the magenta & blue chicken quote from? i just read what it was from recently and now i can't remember. rrrrr.
from chicken :
Yes, chickens do kick.
from strongerthan :
Three cheers for Audrey, her incredibly bright lipstick, and cat !
from javakid :
Hey the layout is awesome..and your diary is a good read. Come read my diary sometime.ˇY Viva Shakira!
from niel :
You like Ayn Rand too! Neat! I'm in the middle of Atlas Shrugged right now... love, niel
from doll-hair :
from travisjohn :
WOW! They made a movie of attack of the killer tomatoes! i must see this....
from pixiekins :
you have awesome taste in music- SHAKIRA IS GOD(DESS)!

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