simultaneously laughing

prose is life in metaphor.

"girls, you've got to know when to turn the page .. when you're only wet because of the rain."

"it is to you, tania, that i am singing. i wish i could sing better, more melodiously, but then perhaps you would never have consented to listen to me. you have heard the others sing and they have left you cold. they sang too beautifully, or not beautifully enough."

"don't worry - i won't call you again. 'cause when i take a hint, i take it pretty hard .. and when you broke my heart, you broke it into shards of glass."

My favorite diaries:

introibo profile - diary
comments: "the unfaltering beam of the lighthouse will lead you home. 'you don't know how much I missed you today.'"
wonderchai profile - diary
comments: "I think love is worry is tenuous connections and not getting hit by busses." ".. and escape this Pacific hellworthy canopy that has drugged me with its salt, its pine, and its evergreen impunity .. "
bluechicken profile - diary
comments: "as i stare in the mirror i remember i told you i prefer rubies over diamonds. i told you i hate dry wines. i told you that you shouldn't stumble around in the night without a light. i told you i loved you and lied."
the29th profile - diary
comments: "Hey, it's me, from the theater? Midget in the bathroom can't reach the lock and a deaf guy busts in on him! Duh! Ninja Turtles!"
superry profile - diary
comments: "Rolls of film. Used. Dark room glowed red, faint. The edge was gone. Ruined. Angles muted, battles waged left soldiers broken."
xradiox profile - diary
comments: "It's the fate of us all to become nothing but scraps and fragments of unfinished memories.The rest will be filled in with artistic license."
aleesha713 profile - diary
comments: "because after all, what good is an adventure if i cant share it with the person who means the most to me?"
whitekachina profile - diary
comments: "the black-smeared histrionics of a lace-encrusted kachina doll .. " .. "in love with a swiss. (ha ha. fuck you, mom. ha.) .. oh yeah. I'm ugly/fat/unloved. fuck that. I'm going outside."
throwingjuly profile - diary
comments: "working on being a nice, caring, open and informed person can make your immediate world a little nicer, even if you do occasionally get the urge to blow up a gas station."
silveringrid profile - diary
comments: "i always promised i'd never be your winter, and i did love you."
thefallofart profile - diary
comments: "it's vicious and soft in here at the same time."
irishblueyes profile - diary
comments: "To one side the souls enslaved by complacency. Sleepwalking through ..lives like the shed skins of snakes ..On the other side, those who knew no risks too great .. who never slept, whose minds and bodies were racing at the speed of light.."
sydneyqueen profile - diary
comments: ".. threads between us, pulling and straining across the distance. It used to be they sewed us together hack at them as you please, there were so many that a few are left .. """YOu maKe Me CaPTaIn gIGgleS!"
foolish-boy profile - diary
comments: "sharing my lighter with the woman who's giving up. hiding her secret from the others. initiated into some covert alliance."
nattsvermer profile - diary
comments: "you puzzle their mouse-maze/of walls you could scratch open with your tongue/warmed by the sedative drool of Bright, Bright history"
the-pala profile - diary
comments: "Say what you will about generalizing, but men are generally better at packing up a truck!""You are so ugly that if you pressed your face in some dough, you'd have gorilla cookies."
trystero profile - diary
comments: "i sent the letter, postmarked to myself. it was a futile gesture, determined to make something of my foolishness. you never came."
mcearstix profile - diary
comments: " - and when i meet up with god i'll just playfully elbow him in the ribs and tell him that it was okay that life was so messed up sometimes - "
wilberteets profile - diary
comments: "i still laugh when i think about how Dad looked killing that raisin."
inacrumbling profile - diary
sunkship profile - diary
comments: "stop saying i'm perfect, cuz i feel like i wanna be a monster and crush all your buildings""yesterday we stared at our own reflections in each other's pupils in the middle of a baseball field, mesmerized like children. "
indie-snob profile - diary
comments: "dark sexy keyboards that chime like a Western porno .. "
hanged profile - diary
comments: sunkship's amazing photographs. bits of tokyo a must-not-miss.
moonshine76 profile - diary
comments: "But a practical, factual God would not have had the creativity, the imagination to show us the taste of a butterfly kiss. Would he?"
incinerated profile - diary
comments: "I just want to put myself on hold for a few minutes and have my conscious listen to really cheesy music while I try to sort some things out alone."
lullaymarie profile - diary
comments: " .. The facing mistaking/every occasion/that has collapsed into/an anonymous asshole."
ebm profile - diary
comments: regarding turtles: "Seriously, one of them pooped and the Dead Sea Scrolls came out."
selfbiased profile - diary
comments: "is it cherubim or seraphim that hang from the top of the cave? i always get them confused..."
crazxy profile - diary
comments: "ok. back to the cookie dough :)"
thefictions profile - diary
comments: back from where punctuation fails
darkstarliar profile - diary
comments: 100%
explodingboy profile - diary
comments: "more stars than there are prostitutes in thailand" - strange powers, the magnetic fields
greentealeaf profile - diary
comments: "... piano fingers on pavement, bit the lips you don't know. there's something strange about strangers, something strange in not knowing much. meh. i've got a love, i've got a star, and it's mostly not here."
kitty-kaboom profile - diary
comments: as far as i can tell, this girl is beautiful, self-depreciating, and fun. not to mention, she has a cute dog. fluff&nonsense, sometimes we need a little ..
rubycoquette profile - diary
comments: "The universe has been royally fucked, but at least it got the good stuff."
obviouslynot profile - diary
comments: "i haven't seen you smile in so long. so i guess - so long?"
watercolored profile - diary
comments: "He, left behind to purge what lingered on the boundaries of this imminent holy union sat long hours at the piano, often playing only a single soft note that searched halls and pushed open doors, finding the quiet places I sought to hide .."
pauls-lab profile - diary
comments: "i think it is that if you cannot handle a bit of rain and wind every now and again then you should probably either move to a drier country or maybe expect to get hit in the neck by some hand luggage at london stations."
pondlife profile - diary
comments: watercolored's new diary.

My favorite music:

Tori Amos
comments: The Beatles, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Belle and Sebastian, Damien Rice, Bif Naked, Rammstein, Taking Back Sunday, Death Cab for Cutie, The Killers, Rufus Wainwright, Snow Patrol,
Simon and Garfunkel
comments: Jack Johnson, John Rutter, Chopin, Sarah McLachlan, David Grey, Queens of the Stone Age, Kill Hannah, Hoobastank, Primus, NIN, Nirvana, Ice Cream Creatures, Arturo Got The Shaft, Fleetwood Mac, Dan Fogelberg, Jim Croce, The Magnetic Fields,
The Reindeer Section
comments: Ashley MacIsaac, Sarah Harmer, Jet, Joan Osbourne, Counting Crows, Better Than Ezra, Guster, Beethoven, Collective Soul, Coldplay,
comments: Great Big Sea, The Propellerheads, Stevie Nicks, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Enya, the Brian Setzer Orchestra, Cooler Kids, Seatbelts, Poe, Placebo, Frou Frou,
The Dandy Worhols
comments: Lasgo, Lit, Ben Lee, Dashboard Confessional, October Project, November Project, Alicia Keys, Beck, David Wilcox, Indigo Girls, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Maroon 5, The Dears, Bright Eyes

My favorite movies:

comments: "they mostly come at night. .. . mostly." - "ripely .. *she* doesn't have bad dreams because *she's* made of plastic."
Age of Innocence
comments: "don't you see? i can't love you unless i give you up."
Garden State
comments: "i look forward to a good cry." "he's just a fast food knight." "good luck exploring the infinite abyss .. !"
Wings of the Dove
comments: merton: "i don't believe in any of the things i write about. i fake passion. i fake conviction." kate: "every time she smiles, remember that i love you more."
Grosse Pointe Blank
comments: "they'll all have husbands and wives and children .. they'll have made themselves a part of something .. and what am i going to say. 'i killed the president of paraguay with a fork, how have you been?'

My favorite authors:

Anais Nin
comments: Rainer Maria Rilke, e.e. cummings, Pablo Neruda, Eve Ensler,
Neil Gaiman
comments: Anne Rice, Barbara Kingsolver, Melanie Rawn, Sylvia Plath,
Steven King
comments: what scares you the most? and what sauce would you like it with?
J. R. Tolkien
comments: Arundhati Roy, activist, NPR rocks
D.H. Lawrence
comments: .. . lady chatterley found herself in a cabin, in the rain, with the gardener on a dirty blanket ..

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