all your jewels are dragging us down.

so ask me if i'm hungry,

while everybody's starving inside. but the doctor's never there, and this medication doesn't really keep me controlled.

My favorite diaries:

aquietboy profile - diary
comments: most of the time/ we don't think about those funerals
taxine profile - diary
comments: (this is not real. this is not really happening)
loserface profile - diary
comments: i bet she had a big dumb red heart and now, it.s hard and stained with boy cum, and sort of violet
comesailtome profile - diary
comments: i don't know what life is for other people but i think if they saw what i see they'd be upset i told a girl i'd move away to smoke a lot of her meth and learn how to swing dance and then maybe the tango but i say a lot of things
hu-man profile - diary
comments: let's take a ride in my sisters car, it's beat up and smells, but it's got a working tape deck. we'll drive for hours and not say a thing, saying everything.
therethere- profile - diary
comments: im swimming, girl. im swimming in this sea of washed-over synthesizers and keyboards, tired pianos and the whispers of a broken drum.
deadpilot profile - diary
comments: fuck her like you have an oedipus complex. fuck me, i mean her, like you have freudian slips pinned to your shirt.
sunfuck profile - diary
comments: laying in my bed again, on top of the sheets i can't sleep again instead i can only curl up into a little knot and knead an enormous feeling of self-pity! i start to shake so bad! i begin to wonder if the devil's after my heart again
babyhead profile - diary
comments: 40 stuffed animals surround me. All their pelts have been removed, turned inside out and reattached. They can no longer see anything but their own poly-fiber insides.
redd profile - diary
comments: counting pennies and making my time tense and tied up. no joy in the pain.
frust profile - diary
comments: pitch my sadness, in your wine glass. drink me, like i'm frozen.
metalheart profile - diary
comments: his shotgun sleeping by my thighs.
verum profile - diary
che profile - diary
comments: when we kiss, does she forget i'm ugly? i don't forget she's beautiful
verdun profile - diary
comments: i've made an imprint, load your guns, i'm ready
bluechicken profile - diary
comments: i need you to take me into the country so i can see the milky way band; a most beautiful wedding ring between time and the universe, those bitter lovers.
death-letter profile - diary
comments: but it's no use in a crowded room where everyone wants you
feetintheair profile - diary
comments: god hiccupped the first time they kissed.
mess profile - diary
comments: a huge stitch fell today, they tried to pick it up, shove it in their mouths, digest your FREE SELF.
yoursurgery profile - diary
comments: your a fucking magician i wish you could make me dissapear. there is a tear. there is a tear.
heartshaped profile - diary
comments: guess i'm just/ the alien/ in a world of machines./ the raw/ in the world of the cooked./ bet he's proud/ of this little/ bitch/ that she's become.
inhibitions profile - diary
comments: swirming and slithering and tickling the air string arms left over for no one to eat the planes arrive soon to take me away and no one to kiss me goodbye
shadowglass profile - diary
comments: not everything matters. the reality is, nobody cares. the real conspiracy is, there is no conspiracy. nobody gives a shit.
this-bean profile - diary
thevictim profile - diary
comments: or how long we can stay awake (i always won that) or how longw we could stay sane. if only that place would burn to the ground.
sleep- profile - diary
comments: last night was nice too, same thing, cold grass pooling into my shoes, decaying bodies below, full moon above. we pass your house, i think about you asleep.
out-to-sea profile - diary
comments: the entire forest will weep and sing: we surrender to the modern man. paper, lumber, pencils.
girlgenie profile - diary
comments: your heart will look like a sinewave graph, oscillating between: I LOVE YOU. I.LL FUCK YOU. DON.T TOUCH ME.
usb-port profile - diary
comments: after sneaking around the minotaur, i went into my friend's house which had a pool on the second floor with a talking fish. just got to watch out for the spiders.
killingjar profile - diary
comments: Her name is Jen and she's an auto mechanic, her screen name is Jeneration X and I don't know much else about her except that her cheekbones really make you stop and think.
ohmyjetsabel profile - diary
comments: when all the leaves are dead and all the bottles have smashed for the new year, i'm watching the world pass by.
less-smart profile - diary
comments: i don't even know what your last name is miranda. "i cannot control these feelings inside"
dry-pavement profile - diary
comments: make me happy sad. you know happy sad. everyone loves it. and hates it. but loves to hate it. happy sad...the teenage emotion of choice.
cadilliac profile - diary
comments: everywhere i go i see footprints that look my size but they're not mine, oh no, they're not mine.
andthisair profile - diary
comments: standing like a battle cry you're in the backyard/flower petals gathering in your palms.
tonightsleep profile - diary
comments: oftentimes when im sad i try to wander around the largest grocery store in the city. i debate between boxed or bottled wine- king size or smaller candy bars.
unresolved profile - diary
comments: my apartment is full of birds. finches, a parakeet and a senegal parrot. they converse all day long. i listen to the birds from my bedroom, i read a book, i smell you on my pillow.
novembre profile - diary
dinosaurs profile - diary
rooftopsound profile - diary
weatethesea profile - diary
orchidprint profile - diary
trailways profile - diary
dixiewhiskey profile - diary
sadgreeneye profile - diary
spindle profile - diary
emotionalist profile - diary
sleepystorm profile - diary
bilgedasto profile - diary
exitfish profile - diary
soon profile - diary
brokenhands profile - diary
manzanas profile - diary
julyjuly profile - diary
bedroomwalls profile - diary
refreshments profile - diary
comments: Hello, I am a courtesan. I carry coins and cards with me. I drink artesian water and I fight to feed my daughter. I go. With God.
pitter-pat profile - diary
permeation profile - diary
greentealeaf profile - diary
longitude profile - diary

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