the moon wore tinted glasses

i am reminded of one teacher who told us to ask who we are, on some night just like this one. so i sit here, leaning back into the fog and smoke of an internal question, and i emerge with nothing but a smell, dampened spirits wearing a suit of ash.

My favorite diaries:

threeletters profile - diary
comments: If a river diverted dramatically tonight, i'd be carried to a place with a different name without leaving this bright box i am spilling from
bluechicken profile - diary
comments: best written journal on this damn site
sadiegreene profile - diary
comments: well, i do say she is a most interesting people
luvabeans profile - diary
chickpea981 profile - diary
comments: seatbelts? check
nosuperman profile - diary
comments: indeed, this person is no superman, so they say
zenkitten profile - diary
comments: talented writer, and yeah
bagelbean profile - diary
comments: yayay ali!
xfrauline profile - diary
comments: neato layout, and he/she hugs inanimate objects, how fun
lesbfriends6 profile - diary
comments: i thought this journal meant lesbian friends, but then i figured it out and now im sad
and-um profile - diary
aperfectself profile - diary
comments: endearing, i clicked on this persons super cool flaming lips banner
brutalyoga profile - diary
comments: awesome taste in music, equally impressive writing
mehiel profile - diary
comments: lovely taste in music, newest hope to the diary world
kitty-kaboom profile - diary
comments: she is back, people should always be given another chance for friendship and what not!

My favorite music:

comments: postal service, low, appleseed cast, ben harper, pj harvey, massive attack, mazzy star, sunny day real estate, morissey, paul oakenfold, the walkmen, ella fitzgerald, calexico,
comments: interpol, fly pan am, godspeed you black emporer!, cursive, the streets, the flaming lips, smog, cat power, joanna newsome, tom waits, paul simon, peter gabriel, led zepplin, the smiths
sigur ros
comments: the divine comedy, enon, deerhoof, summer at shatter creek, dirty three, gillian welch, modest mouse, the beatles, the doors, jimi hedrix, cocteau twin, the cure, nine inch nails, hope sandoval, moods of spain, kruder and dorfmeister,
comments: the magnetic fields, iron and wine, songs;ohia, telepopmusk, smokey and miho, the sea and cake, califone, johnny cash, mos def, elliot smith, goldenboy,
linkin park
comments: (im kidding about linkin park ;}), yo la tengo, the notwist, the rapture, songs;ohia, the red house painters, yo yo ma, rostropovich, the eels, slitter keaney, pinback, grandaddy, deathcab for cutie,

My favorite movies:

waking life
comments: "to say yes to one instant, is to say yes to all of existence"
jacob's ladder
comments: crazy crazy things go on in that movie
comments: the original movie about the shatty stuff we are doing to the rest of the world
apocalypse now
comments: that scene where martin goes crazy in his bedroom, that's
2001: a space odyssey
comments: how did he do the scenes in space?!?! in the shuttle where he was running in the circular room, i... don't...understand

My favorite authors:

tom robbins
comments: horny old men that can elude to jesus' comprehension of the maya world are my heroes
george orwell
comments: ...1984, that's all i have to say
comments: the most beautifully complex writing ever meade, by humans... with arms
hermann hesse
comments: sidhartha is the bestest story to read if you feel completely alone
lewis carroll
comments: why don't we all eat some cake to make us larger... then we could like, play soccer with george bush... as the ball

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