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31 years old , Albuquerque NM, New Adventures in the Land of Enchantment.

My favorite diaries:

kuinileti profile - diary
comments: She's moved now to her own domain, bookbinder exstrodinair. All of us should have bookbinders in our lives, but back off! She's my bookbinder!
corazon profile - diary
comments: My best bud from days of yor. (college) We talk long and often, but really our words here in this space keep us most grounded to each other.
marn profile - diary
comments: She is a must read. I'm never disappointed. Funny, serious, always thought provoking.
non-descript profile - diary
comments: Love his words. Dossier, what a fabulous word. It makes me get little prickles when I read it. Love the power of words.
sooner profile - diary
comments: Just when you think the next entry can not possibly be any funnier, you find out just how wrong you can be :) Now with new and improved easy access to the Squirrel saga.
Peth profile - diary
comments: I admire her mirth and her fascination with non-standard things. Plus she is a fellow admirer of ethiiopian yirgacheffe. MMMM good. You straight men need to get your heads out of your butts and appreciate her, damnit!
lotus29 profile - diary
comments: Yummy artist. She writes the sweetest things to me when I'm stressing over boys.
everchanging profile - diary
comments: We're alike, in that we only write when we feel like it. Rarely out of obligation. She is also way nifty cool and designed my current guestbook layout. LOVE it! I used to have a nifty keen TOTALLY chic jewel scarab template to go with it.
andrew profile - diary
comments: our mighty founder... support dland, buy gold, click on add banners.
bebelua profile - diary
comments: I just got sucked in. I don't know how many entries I've read. Love her.
raw-voice profile - diary
comments: I love the way she talks about her life. It just all has such a ring of truth, full of details that flesh it all out and make you click to just 1 more, again.
wearethebody profile - diary
comments: New name, same person. :)
zaziel profile - diary
comments: his flirtatious tags make me blush, and giggle. He's a word whore too, I don't think he has proclaimed himself a word whore, but just read him and you will soon be titilated by his words too.
neangel profile - diary
comments: I recently started reading her. I like her lots. I havn't read enough yet to know what to put here though.
redpurse profile - diary
comments: shes back and better then ever! College bud and fellow artist working in mixed media assembledge shrines. She's made it to the galleries already. Woohoo!
bothhandz profile - diary
comments: My dear college bud, aka buffy in the entries.
zuzus-petals profile - diary
comments: incredible photography, heartfelt words, great advice on what to read next :) O'keefeian beauty.
flying-kiwi profile - diary
comments: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm new zealand. fun fun, I like our comment banter.
somstar profile - diary
comments: Excellent comment banter as well, plus her layout picture is totally crushable.
floodtide profile - diary
comments: Fellow 'zaziel and L'engle fan and he says I write with eloquent grace! Plus I just like reading him. He's a MAJOR dland crush.
boann7 profile - diary
comments: I'm just getting to know her. She's an artist also, and someone I'm eager to get to know better.
jonathan profile - diary
comments: Just clicked a banner. Haven't read a single word, yet. But just from reading his profile I could tell he's going to be an instant favorite. Plus, his cover graphic is drop-dead-gorgeous. Is that him?
non-fuckabl profile - diary
x-plicity profile - diary
after- profile - diary
comments: Somstar's new home, How did I miss the move, shows how rapped up in me I've been

My favorite music:

Pet Shop Boys
comments: Jem
comments: Daft Punk
comments: Movie Music
comments: 80's stuff
Scissor Sisters
comments: Goldfrapp

My favorite movies:

comments: A beginning is a very delicate time. Know then, it is the year Ten Thousand One Ninety One. The Universe is ruled by the Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV, ... my father. In this time, the most precious substance in the Universe is the spice melange. The spice
Notting Hill
comments: "I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love me." Ok admitedly I'd be a boy standing in front of a boy, and yes I really hope he does love me.
comments: The single most visually stunning movie I have ever seen.
Moulin Rouge
comments: I kept it for a month, there residing in my dvd player, pressing play as I'd walk by, here and there.
Love Actually
comments: In a period where hollywood wasn't turning out anything worthwhile, this was it's one shining beakon!

My favorite authors:

Anne Rice
comments: Such style! Such Grace! Who am I kidding, I LOVE her and her Universes. Christ the lord out of Egypt is brilliant
Armistead Maupin
comments: Tales of the city, and friendship!
J.K. Rowling
comments: Yeah, yeah, go ahead and snicker, yah bastard! :)
Frank Herbert
comments: READ HIM! Dune stays on my bedside. I pick it up and read from random points when nothing else is around. I think I've read it ATLEAST once a year since I was in junior high. I'm wearing out my 3rd copy right now.
Audrey Neffineger
comments: I sobbed and sobbed over the time travelers wife. I think ms. neffineger might be my up and coming mentor. Artist, AND writer. I need to dredge up the old manuscript. I admire that she can focus on more then one discipline at a time.

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