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My favorite diaries:

unclebob    profile - diary
rebecca    profile - diary
jwinokur    profile - diary
kristintracy    profile - diary
smartypants    profile - diary

My favorite music:

material issue
comments:  Listening to a lot of them lately. So easy to find their CDs in any used cd store for some reason
teenage fanclub
comments:  I like-a the fanclub, MAMA MIA! Wait, that's not how scottish people talk.
son volt
comments:  awesome
jay farrar
comments:  awesome, solo
tommy keene
comments:  I have been listening to some old tapes of him a lot lately

My favorite movies:

American Movie
comments:  an awesome movie that is american
comments:  I really liked this, I am surprised more people aren't into it, I think noone really saw it. The video box is horrible and the presence of Afflecks (Casey in this case) was a bit worrying to start but turns out, it's actually really good.
Bring it ON
comments:  Hot beats and sassy cheerleaders: what can I say, I relate. It's like the soundtrack to my life, except it's a movie, and I'm not a cheerleader. YET.
comments:  I like this movie.
comments:  Fletch cracks me up everytime, every single gosh-darned time! It's maybe not the coolest movie to admit you like, at least judging from the amount of other people who have it listed as one of their favorites, but I likes it, I really do! 

My favorite authors:

Jon Ronson
comments:  "Them" is awesome.

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