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from shenting :
It's been more than a month since I paid the $19 but no response. What's going on?
from lunacirce :
I sent payment, please restore my blog.
from agoatnamedaz :
Hello, please fix ability to update passwords. That's a basic safety feature, thanks!
from noworry4tzl :
I need to delete my diary. I need to take it down. It has been causing a lot of trouble.
from msafire :
Hey Andrew, Know you have a day job BUT some of us still like to send you money once in a while! I mean since we VOMIT here (ha ha) and its like almost Free Therapy! Apprechiate the platform but notice the sign up for membership links not all working. (Tried SuperGold join links today. Sorry I tried some time past to renew and they did not work then either). Folks might be happy to send you money on occassion! Thanks for maintaining this.
from ernst :
Did you discontinue sign-ups? Only asking because a friend wants to start writing here (weird I know right?). Let me know, appreciate the hosting, A!
from loriville :
Hi Andrew. I'm looking for my old blog that I had back in 2003 that must be now archived. I don't remember the name of it but I can provide some search keywords or the email address that was linked to it. It was my pregnancy diary when I was pregnant with my 18 year old son and I would love to share it with him. Thank you!
from evilreindeer :
I paid 19$ for my account to be restored. Where is it?
from endsofearth :
10/27/22 Andrew, please fix the page that lets you update your info! I need to update my email address associated with my account and can't because the page cannot be found.
from retro-cheese :
July 2, 2022: It's been 2 years and you have never restored my account. What a waste of $19. I hope you enjoyed it and had a couple beers at my expense. If anyone is reading this: don't give this guy any money.
from kelsi :
Hey Andrew! Thanks for keeping this place up, I honestly can't imagine what I would have done without it these last ... 23 years! I'd like to pay for a gold membership but the links are dead! Let me give you money!
from catsoul :
3.3.2022. good morning Andrew. I have tried to get a nd pay for a GOLD membership now for a number of days. I am unable to get there and I want to upgrade to a GOLD membership. I need help trying to do this. Thank you. Catsoul =^..^=
from oatmealjoey :
I sent $19 a few years ago. Still waiting.
from nointentions :
hi i can't figure out how to restore my diary - is this where to go? i would like to restore my diary please :)
from okashiongaku :
hi! i would like to please restore my account!
from vinternatt :
The problem is that my former email does not work anymore, the active one is [email protected]
from vinternatt :
Hello Andrew, I would gladly reactivate my account! Is it possible to contact you on any given media or elsewhere?
from suicidemuse :
I can log into both my old diaries, one has no entries available and the other has them listed but I can't access them. I paid for these to be recovered years ago and no-one ever contact me - please email me! [email protected]
from noregularman :
Dear Andrew, I've had no response after folowing the 'diary restore' option. It's still taking card fees(via stripe) and paying Diaryland. Last resort leaving a message here to see whats what. Thanks.
from monstrathart :
from peggypenny :
In a time when freedom of speech is being limited, Andrew continues to be our diary hero. Let's all take the time to appreciate the many sacrifices and time that he has spent allowing our freedom to continue at diaryland. thank you Andrew. Peggy Penny
from lovelynight :
Jan 2021: Andrew, I would also like to download a copy of my diary. How can I do that?
from love-me-more :
I want to download my diary. is that possible? I want to get it printed and bound for my daughter.
from justjones :
Hi Andrew! I'm also trying to download my diary and can't seem to set up a gold membership or figure any way to do it. Please please can you help me?
from lamenting :
Hey Andrew, I am looking to download my old diaries. I can't find a way to contact you aside from leaving a note.
from retro-cheese :
July 22 2020: Hi Andrew! Last week, I paid the $19 to have my diary restored and despite the page saying it will be done "right away," it's now been 8 days and you're not answering emails. I really don't want to have to call my bank and dispute the charge. Thanks!
from alienamiss :
OH~! almost forgot why I was hitting you up for a message -- say, what's up with not being able to recover older accounts? I'm told I'm a scammer? I'm given no proving of ownership options..? Halp?
from alienamiss :
I hope you can make it so that we can update our info again? I need to change email addresses, personal info, etc. :) I would LOVE to buy a membership -- but, like many others, I never get a confirmation of the money accepted, or the account upped in status. I REALLY would like to try that again, but have you aware, and ready to roll with it :) BTW; like everyone else I'm spotting here (love this crowd <3), I want to expressively thank you for keeping this afloat. This was such a home for me, and coming back has been nostalgic asf. Good luck wth the remainders of COVID -- wish you the best!
from moodswing :
you always just testin'
from u-saved-me :
thanks andrew, appreciate you.
from the-grey-one :
thanks for getting us back up and running. we can’t have a global pandemic without diaryland, that would be just too much.
from annanotbob2 :
Hey! Thanks for mending the notes notifications - my email inbox nearly burst at the seams. I'd still love to know who reads my diary - that link goes straight to who reads yours. Happy holidays x
from kelsi :
Hey man, thanks for keeping this place around for 20 years! 20 years!!!
from tenderpoison :
after screwing around with wordpress for weeks on another blog project, i can only think of how much easier it would have been for me if diaryland had kept up to date and retained some of it's great features like being able to use your own domain. there's still a market for what diaryland can offer - some people just want to write, not build a website. all i'm saying is, the community that once was may never be the same (or it could be, who knows) but there's still a market for people who want an auto-posting auto-archiving blog for a blog's sake and after wordpress i can confidently say only you can save us.
from musikoid :
Thanks, Andrew! Not sure if it was you who made the change, or if I finally figured it out, but I've been able to change my log-on password. (I had to pretend to have forgotten it, and that feature did work. Surprised I didn't think of that earlier.) Have a good one -- Andy
from floodtide :
Dear Andrew - I've e-mailed several times, and I paid the $19 via PayPal, but haven't been able to update or access my diary since May 3. And D-land still lists my e-mails as [email protected]; it's been [email protected] for six years. Please, please: let me know what I need to do to have access again? I miss this so much.
from coronakym :
Um hey! So, I paid for a gold membership a bit ago but have not been able to access any of the gold membership features. So that sucks. Please fix this for me? Thanks!
from raven72d :
Any word on fixing my diary? My last entry and my notes are there, but I can't post anything new and my archives are all blank. Will I have to create a new diary and just abandon my past since 2002?
from raven72d :
01 June 19--- Help? I have tried reaching you via Twitter, but no reply. I haven't been able to post new entries in a month, and 17 years of archives have disappeared. Help? Do I need to create a new diary here?
from raven72d :
My Archives page is empty--- gone blank. I can access my diary and go back one page at a time, but I have no archives listing. And I can't post any new entries. Is there a site issue or is it just my diary?
from musikoid :
Hey Andrew. I apologize if I flew off the handle at you. It's been a bit frustrating having sent you numerous messages about my need to change my log-in password, over what is now closing in to a three year period of time, and never receiving a response. I can recall a time or two when you replied to me immediately, even though my need was not so severe. If you can address this with me, I'd reallty appreciate it.
from wordwhore :
Just wondering how someone new can sign up for a diary these days (or someone old can sign up for a new diary)? The sign up links all seem to be defunct.
from peggypenny :
Hi Andrew diary hero. I consider this diary one of the nicest things anyone has ever given me. The fact that I signed up for 'free' is "Thee" Significant Marker in setting good examples of honest business on the internet. I would like to ask Andrew, you, if I may purchase a 'new feature' on my diary. I would like to put a Sash Tag on my diary. There are four (4) areas where a Sash Tag can be sold. They can be named something else too but I like this name, it's definition fits. The purpose of the Sash Tag is to "approve" of information about yourself as "real." May I purchase a Sash Tag for my diary? On the upper right margin on my diary? I'm going to try and put it there on my own. Okay. here goes my idea for new feature. eeekkk must be brave....
from sexychelle :
Good god nearly a year has past and still the same trouble here now in feb 2019,and still cant change email address archive older entries anything thank goodness I didnt pay for gold !
from in19seconds :
I know Diaryland is no longer a #1 priority to you, but before more people take leave and join other blog sites, could you please fix the issues people are commenting on below, especially when they have paid you money and are not receiving paid membership benefits? It's been over 4 years since I have been able to archive a page. And, yes, I have done every suggestion under the help section and have asked for help regarding this issue numerous times with no response. It would also be very nice to be able to see who has you listed as a buddy. Why this isn't an option, I don't know. The membership list is dwindling and it's going to continue to do so if things aren't fixed, especially if you keep taking people's money and not giving them what they have paid for. I'm afraid to even go back to being a paid member after reading the comments below.
from cocoabean :
I would like to open a new diary... sent you money months ago with no response, can you get me back in?? Thanks
from lexikahn :
I will volunteer time to close out tickets, for the ones I know how to fix, anyway. All I want in exchange is: please update my email from [email protected] my new email: [email protected]. Please.
from jarofporter :
Hey Andrew, just letting you know archiving doesn't work. Could you look into it? My diary has so many entries they don't all show up anymore & I need to archive. Thanks!
from amidstgrace :
andrew, my friend sent you 11.99 thru paypal to join diaryland and is waiting on your invite code and link, can you please respond to her.
from u-saved-me :
heya, thank you for keeping this site going. I really appreciate this corner of the internet. <3
from annanotbob2 :
Hiya - the bit I'd love to work again is the 'diaries which list you as a favourite' - that goes straight to a list about YOUR diary. I get notes now and then from people I had no idea were reading and would love to see if anyone else is. Thanks for keeping it going - still my favourite corner of the internet
from portlypete :
Hi, I agree with the previous note. Diaryland works, in my mind, because it is uncomplicated. "Keep it stupid" seems like a great adage. I realise that keeping a site compatible over the myriad platforms out there must be tricky, but I would just say that on my iPad, parts of notes get obscured by the RH pane. Much gratitude for continuing to keep the site site up to scratch.
from annanotbob2 :
Thanks Andrew for getting it going again! We love our little corner of the blog world xx
from wordwhore :
thanks for getting things up to date and running again! we were all so sad when we couldn't post. this place is still home for some of us. ♥
from orangepeeler :
whew! thank you! :)
from kelsi :
Thanks for keeping this place up and running, man!
from jarofporter :
also, white-listing doesn't fix the issue of not being able to post new entries (mixed content issue again). I'm running Firefox 56.0.2 if that helps.
from jarofporter :
seems to be a problem with the handling of mixed content with the new https settings. I couldn't see any journals until i whitelisted may want to send out an email or post an update about it, because many people won't have any idea what to do. here's a link to mozilla's dev page about mixed contant...
from college-kid :
Can I just thank you for all the effort you put into this site? I have used it in some way, shape, or form since like 2001, my current diary dating back to arouns 2007. Thank you so much for not deleting it into oblivion and doing your best to maintain it. I'm thinking this is probably just a side gig or hobby for you, so: Thank you Thank you Thank you
from sexychelle :
Another 2 months have passed and still nothing fixed now in May!
from gonzoprophet :
duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude...why this horrendous shade of blue? i remember why i loved this place for so long every time it defaults back to the old color palette. the new mess is so bad, my bad.
from sexychelle :
Now in march and still waiting for older pages to be sorted,as well as passwords showing online etc the list is long!
from peggypenny :
Andrew, please remove me from "Users Online" list. Peggy
from biggoomba :
yup- we're here and paying attention, nice to see you here Andrew Feb 01 2018-- 11:52 pm
from sexychelle :
Please sort out the archive older entries page it is really beginning to annoy me now
from peggypenny :
thank you Andrew, my diary hero. Pegsters
from peggypenny :
remove me from 'users online'
from sexychelle :
Still awaiting the changes to be made for change password and archive older entries and check email address any eta !!!
from humanidiot :
HALP me with my old entries! hellllllp.
from musikoid :
Hi Andrew. I see you are online at this moment, and at risk of being a pain-in-the-ass, PLEASE enable me to change my log-in password. All these tweakers back in B-town kept peering over my head as I addictively persisted in using DiaryLand to vent my various weird trips, including this one, as I have done since 2002 pretty much non-stop (and hope to continue to do.) I just KNOW one of them has my password, and I'm sure they all get lots of juicy information from me as they pass their dumb glass pipe around and become even more paranoid than I am. Thank you for hearing me out.
from musikoid :
Please help me to change my log-in password without receiving an error message (something about an internal server misconfiguration.) Also I paid for e-e-ando and have not been able to log on.
from kelsi :
Thanks for fixing all the stuff! And thanks for not changing the white text entry box (yet?)!
from cocoabean :
Andrew, I would like to start a new diary, I sent you my $2 several months ago and I've gotten no reply, could you please email me at [email protected] so I can start a new diary? Thanks
from sexychelle :
any eta when things will be back to normal ?
from msafire :
Thank you so very much for all your work over the years maintaining this site. It is so very appreciated. I love that when I read something on FB that makes me want to rant I can come do it here and remain socially appropriate!! YAH The world would be SO MUCH worse off if we didn't have this space to do that.
from raven72d :
Glad to have you back. Hope the site will be fully operational again! (Note: I changed my pre-made template, but only entries back a few months changed--- all older and archived entries are still in a very slow-loading template) I've been here since 2002 and am glad D-Land is still here. I love writing here.
from sexychelle :
Be great to have everything normal again thank you
from kelsi :
Thanks, Andrew!
from andrew :
Working on everything!
from kelsi :
I tried to leave comments too but... the socket. Would have been very clever comments too. Hey, if you get all the things back to working again, I'll pay for a gold membership again! Also, thanks for renewing the domain registration all these years. There are literally dozens of us still writing here!
from wordwhore :
what the heck is happening?
from narcissa :
10-2-17: Hi Andrew! long time. Glad this site is still up and running...thanks for that.
from musikoid :
Maybe while you're hear messing around with the interface you can help me be able to change my password, which I have asked you to do in approximately ten emails spread out over the past year or so.
from sexychelle :
Also just noted the edit older entries does not work it will not show a post i would like to edit from 2016 tried searching but still will not show me edit for any pages before 2017
from sexychelle :
Email address change archive older entries change password all still not working would love to see this sorted now I see you are about again I would of re-subbed gold but with a lot not fixed I will not do this
from thruthecrowd :
Andrew, please fix the glitches others have posted here before me...Also, I can't make myself show up in new public entries. :-
from the-grey-one :
Things I know to be broken: can no longer archive entries, random button no longer works, can no longer toggle whether one appears online or not or whether their latest entry will show up in the latest entry list. Obviously the site still works without these features but man... it's been 3 years since I was able to see my name on the "user online" list and I just... I'd like to. It's heartening that you've been online past couple days. Please help us Obi-Wan, you're our only hope.
from alethia :
Yes, I tried to leave a comment too, and it wouldn't let me. :( But I'm happy to have this diary. It's nice to see you surface again. I hope things are going well. :)
from candoor :
Tried the comment on your page, the socket would not open (or so said the error page). Being a comet-like diarist who returns less than once a year, I understand your even larger orbit - but surely you miss all the adoring fans who arent complaining (by the way, fix something... I'm not sure what is broken, but fix it anyway). Life is good, mostly... how about yours?
from raven72d :
Yes-- fix the archives page!
from raven72d :
Yes--- glad to have you back! Please do fix D-Land! Some of us are still here and will be here forever!
from kseniacole :
I see you are online, we you be opening up the site to new members anytime soon? I know a few who would buy gold memberships too.
from the-grey-one :
So hey.. it's been a few years.. just wondering if maybe you could pleASE JUST FIX DIARYLAND OHGODWHYHAVEYOUFORSAKENUS WHATDID WE DO you know if you've got some time, whatever
from sexychelle :
Any Chance you can sort out the archive page it is not allowing any pages to be archived thank you
from kseniacole :
Andrew, can you kindly upgrade my diary to the Gold Membership, I sent payment on 1/29. Thank you
from orgami :
Andrew..Been here Forevah! funny because other site I like has an andrew as founding memba too...Just want to say diaryland Rocks...It never crashes....solid!! and I like what I likes!! Keep up yer good works Sir! Thank You! Orgami. Over and out!
from glorycloud :
Andrew when are you going to fix Diaryland? It has been broken since December 2014. Please drop me a note and tell me why it is taking you so long to fix Diaryland-peace
from qwert :
I am concerned about a libel/defamation issue. Where can I submit information?
from the-grey-one :
any way i might be able to stop being invisible on this site? just says "error" anytime i try... it's been a couple months now.
from kseniacole :
Andrew, thank you for setting up my / activating my GOLD membership renewal so quickly, I appreciate it.
from kseniacole :
.. also on Feb 7th there was a $2.00 fee sent to your paypal (to invite new member to join) was to be sent to email [email protected] but no communication has been sent from diaryland as of 2/18.
from kseniacole :
Hi, I just paid for my GOLD membership (renewal), can you kindly activate it for me, thank you.
from nikkifoofoo :
Also, thank you!
from nikkifoofoo :
Success!! Huzzah!!
from peggypenny :
Andrew, please reset my template to grey. My diary does not work and I do not know how to write html to fix it. Peggy Penny

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