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Dragonflies, Butterflies & Lady Bugs


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My favorite diaries:

bindyree    profile - diary
comments:  living in the city of my heart
boxx9000    profile - diary
comments:  the teacher our children should have
chailife    profile - diary
comments:  librarians rock!!
clarity25    profile - diary
comments:  beautiful, thoughtful, life
dukkha-tanha    profile - diary
comments:  anyone who drops the "f" bomb as much as me is GOOD PEOPLE!
eggsaucted    profile - diary
comments:  new read
elgan    profile - diary
comments:  music flows through her keyboard
elysium1982    profile - diary
comments:  yum
greenwitch    profile - diary
comments:  in the best way, the simple life -- inspiring
harri3tspy    profile - diary
comments:  great mom -- also inspiring
hissandtell    profile - diary
comments:  i want to be her!
iceweasel    profile - diary
comments:  new read
iwillsurvive    profile - diary
comments:  somehow I found myself sharing things I have never shared before...
la-the-sage    profile - diary
comments:  another hera of mine -- not-so-successfully hiding a huge heart
life-my-way    profile - diary
comments:  and it is...
wistful-blue    profile - diary
comments:  fellow tortured writer and most lovely person
might-could    profile - diary
comments:  also coming over to the dark side...
nazgul--girl    profile - diary
comments:  girl warrior
nikki-lish    profile - diary
comments:  pink-lish ;-)
pharseer    profile - diary
comments:  she left a comment and I followed it... we have enough in common to be scary
poolagirl    profile - diary
comments:  how can you not love a zen pirate??
r-y-r    profile - diary
comments:  finding herself beautifully
sapphyr    profile - diary
comments:  new read
strangerlucy    profile - diary
comments:  funny, unless you're a turkey
thedetails    profile - diary
comments:  new read
theflyingrat    profile - diary
comments:  the next dr. seuss, methinks
thehour    profile - diary
comments:  new read
tiffy524    profile - diary
comments:  new read
trancejen    profile - diary
comments:  one of the first additions to my buddy list -- always honest, often funny, never fails to engage
reese219    profile - diary
comments:  wacky moms unite
tuckandsophi    profile - diary
comments:  dogs journal too -- how can you not love that??
widower    profile - diary
comments:  a life rebuilt
wildforests    profile - diary
comments:  lovely writer
witchful    profile - diary
comments:  one off my favorite writers at DL
thirstywit    profile - diary
comments:  new read
pissymystic    profile - diary

My favorite music:

Ani DiFranco
comments:  Tori Amos, Beth Orton, Megan Slankard, Cat Power, Suzanne Sterling, Loreena McKennitt, Nina Nastacio
comments:  Nine Inch Nails, Godsmack, A Perfect Circle, Authority Zero, The Tossers, Dropkick Murphys
Led Zeppelin
comments:  Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie
The Cure
comments:  Dead Can Dance, Dresden Dolls, Rasputina, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Iron & Wine
comments:  White Stripes, Radiohead, Weezer

My favorite movies:

Whale Rider
comments:  The Education of Little Tree, Big Fish
High Fidelity
comments:  School of Rock
comments:  Mean Girls, Napoleon Dynamite, SLC Punk, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Practical Magic
comments:  My Big Fat Greek Wedding
comments:  The Crow, Hellboy, The Addams Family, Identity

My favorite authors:

comments:  Phyllis Curott, Mary K. Greer
T. Thorn Coyle
Nora Roberts
comments:  Tami Hoag, Laurell K Hamilton, Charlaine Harris
Joseph Campbell
comments:  John & Caitlin Matthews
Barbara Kingsolver
comments:  Octavia Butler, Nick Hornsby, Alice Sebold

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