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My favorite diaries:

lil-sploches    profile - diary
comments:  blog of torithy, the infamoose! oionildenya.
Jabberwockys    profile - diary
comments:  A blog of Tori and I.... not too much else to say there
lotrsisters    profile - diary
comments:  My 100% insane, obsessive understanding Lotr sisters who are just always there! They are great!
lotrsis-news    profile - diary
comments:  The sisters' news site!
poppyfish    profile - diary
comments:  really quite interesting in its own way
ivyvalentine    profile - diary
comments:  Ivy's one awesome punk rock elf! Shes my adopted sister, and she started the whole lotr sisters
lvlylillady    profile - diary
comments:  Emma's stepsister, Joellyn~ shes just a little crazy and loves les miz! ^^
binkysierra    profile - diary
comments:  Rufo's blog
sageadvice    profile - diary
comments:  he's bacckkkk!
woodenspoon    profile - diary
comments:  An intriguing diary that i randomly came upon.
flame-dragon    profile - diary
comments:  that chocolate/llama girl... do i know her? Hell yes!!! haha
perceptions    profile - diary
comments:  ok shoot me, im in the masses
pixelscripts    profile - diary
comments:  great designs
diabetes00    profile - diary
comments:  Jessie's blog....
dreamwarder    profile - diary
comments:  a very interesting diary that gets you thinking...
dustpan    profile - diary
comments:  Im still confused bout her connection with woodenspoon, but interesting nonetheless
halee    profile - diary
comments:  Im very glad the pants thing was fake yup yup
cicatrixed    profile - diary
comments:  deep, intricate, and captivating
elvishtard    profile - diary
comments:  oooh ahhh
angrystarlyt    profile - diary
comments:  One of my crazy/evil (in a neevil sense) sisters! ^^
spewingllama    profile - diary
comments:  wow. someone crazy, who has great quotes!! (llamas!!)
dragyoudown    profile - diary
comments:  Another sister I admire... and I love the layout!
karingdas    profile - diary
comments:  One of my very interesting, caring sisters! ^^ Hilarious diary
wackypenguin    profile - diary
comments:  just like poetry and a perfect glass of lemonade, the book smokey night and archery at a red barnhouse.
cant-make-me    profile - diary
comments:  opinionated and unique, yet relatable
dernhelm    profile - diary
comments:  A very wonderful sister, gotta love the Eowyn-nosity! Muahahaha watch out pj...
aqua-luna    profile - diary
comments:  lovely layout, pondersome thoughts
melomane    profile - diary
comments:  random and amusing : )
andrew    profile - diary
comments:  I coulda sworn he was on here earlier but apparently not
sfn7    profile - diary
muffinss    profile - diary
comments:  chissy!!
shellbell22    profile - diary
comments:  shells journal va va voom
tequilamonk    profile - diary
comments:  maybe this one will work emma?
acquired-f    profile - diary
comments:  Stephanie Acquired-F Fala! woooosh
cyanophyta    profile - diary
comments:  we shall see what pearls of wisdom are produced

My favorite music:

comments:  selftitled, master of puppets, ride the lightning, and justice for all- best albums
Dream Theater
comments:  amazing progressive metal... Scenes from a memory
comments:  Beautiful lyrics, contrast between verses and chorus...
Jimmy Buffett
comments:  so I'm a parrothead
comments:  Phantom of the Opera, RENT, Les Mis... ahhh

My favorite movies:

The Ring
comments:  Simply amazing....scariest movie I've ever seen but put together wonderully! I'm truly obsessed now... I even know Samara in elvish
comments:  Another to-be classic, I've probably seen it a tad too much
The Lord of the Rings
comments:  Wonderful everythinggg, except changes to the plot line!! Damn those ppl and their 'artistic liscenses'
Forrest Gump
comments:  Great movie...
The Matrix
comments:  exciting story, deep and hard to explain...ps gotta add: Braveheart, The Perfect Storm, and Castaway

My favorite authors:

J. R. R. Tolkein
comments:  Shame on u if u havent read The Lord of the Rings. Its a million times better than the movie, and that was good.
JK Rowling
comments:  We all know by now shes amazing, yes we do.
Stephen King
comments:  I've fallen into the trap with the Green Mile. It was simply superb.
Ray Bradbury
comments:  Fahrenheit 451
Douglas Adams
comments:  Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy! I love the brilliant insanity!

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