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from m2win :
"I dont care if you think they are posers, Amy Lee is an amazing singer." Aha! EXACTLY! I love Evanescence.
from lvlylillady :
I see...I can leave notes now!'s fine that you were 55 minutes late; I had some people that I thought were my friends that didn't bother saying anything at all. Oh, you do like long messages? Good, me too, so I guess this works! I think I will try talking to just one of them about the situation. What I was going to do was wait until one of them got a boyfriend, because that would probably change their whole perspective on life and Harry Potter, but you do have a point...if I don't do something now, how will I know what happens? Oh...I love Buildabear! That's the's just the whole naming thing that bothers me. I had to be really random the one time I did go there. I named the bear Scooter, because the first thing I saw when I was trying to think of a name was a little toy scooter. But now I found a site I like for generating random names. It's funny seeing what they come up with sometimes...there are definitely some names generated that are like, who would name their kid THAT? I should stop before I write what could be an entry...
from spewingllama :
Hey! Thanks for adding me to your buddy list. Mind if I do the same?
from i-dreamalone :
In that case, I'd like to apologize and thank you.
from i-dreamalone :
there's a link, at the very bottom, but what's the deal? were you gonna go around telling people to harass me?
from invisibledon :
hey from one invisible to another
from ticky21 :
hey, thanks for signing my guestbook! i dont know what is going on, but i cant get into your diary with the lotrsisters password!!
from invisible-k8 :
s�rimpa, n�rrimpa, narerimpa (firefly)... technically fire flying...
from mylifeat15 :
happy valentine's day sis - love from Elin
from ravenheart :
Thank you for joining my Nightheart ring, you are welcome!
from diabetes00 :
Hi what is your email Jesse Tindall
from mskaos :
yay. media. :P

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