I have my own huge mountains to climb, none of them are called Mount Everest...

I am a Free Thinker, an artist, a poet, a geek, a loner and a wierd female from Norway. I dont really like to put myself in a category, I always just wanted to be me and no one else. I am a lot of things. Possible a little bit of these; creative, expressive, passionate, wild, romantic, different, deep, serious but with a dark sense of humour. Some have called me; shy, difficult, verbally aggressive, moody, intense, funny, cute, dark (?) and nice.

I wanted to have an online diary because I love to write. I practically live in front of my computer and I guess I am a computer geek, although I'm not interested in the intestines of the machines, but rather what you can do with them. I have a domain website but I think It's easier to update a diary. My site is built into my diary and I try to update as often as possible.

I write about everything from my opinions, my point of views to my own personal life. I want the entries to be a reflection of myself and my life. There are a few very personal things I decide to not write about. I dont write extremly negative things about people I know, or dont know either. If I mention names I try to not be too personal. This means that everyone can read my diary, if they wish too. I will never lock it or just want one kind of readers to visit it.

I LIKE: 80's toys, Alchemy Gothic, animals, antiques, architecture, art, books, candlelight, candy, cemeteries, childishness, children, Christmas, Dalai Lama, closets, Coka Cola, collectibles, colors, computer games, computers, cooking, crafts, creativity, Discovery Channel, DR. Martens, draw, dreams, equality, Expressionism, fairytales, Fantasy Fiction, flowers, friends, games, Ghandi, penpals, the creative side of punk and gothic subculture, graffiti, grasshoppers, herbs, horizon, horror, Humanism, Internet, 80's pop, Industrial, Jazz, Metal, Synth, Classical, Jung, letters, limoges, love, makeup, meditation, miniatures, music, nature, New Age, occultism, paint, philosophy, poetry, postcards, rainbows, ravens, romance, Sanrio, Science Fiction, shopping, Socialism, solitude, sour cream, spirituality, stickers, tea, the night, travel, vampires, webdesign, Witches, Elphaba (in Wizard Of Oz), woods, writing... ask me for more random words...

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My favorite music:

Nine Inch Nails
comments: Dark, sad and angry. "Something I Can Never Have" is probably my favorite song, others are "Hurt", "Heresy" and "Warm Place". The album I like the most is "The Downward Spiral".
Depeche Mode
comments: Gloomy and melancholic synth pop and old favorites of mine. The album I enjoy the most is "The Singles 1981-1998" and my favorite song is called "Home".
Dir en Grey
comments: A Japanese band that makes industrial pop metal. It brings me some new fresh tunes and a different vibe. Their songs are varied and I like to listen to a language I don't understand. Favorite song is "Ain't Afraid To Die".
comments: They call this new age music. Vangelis have created a world of it's own with his music. I like to listen to his Blade Runner soundtrack every day sometimes. I particularly like music with synthesizers in it and jazz features.
comments: I grew up with his music. It's pop, jazz and everything else I like. And I actually like his movies too. Favorite song must be "Purple Rain" and my favorite album is "The Very Best Of Prince" of course.

My favorite movies:

Natural Born Killers
comments: This is a movie that affected me a lot, in the same way that "Fun" did. It has some really important points if you manage to look beyond the violence. I also really like the soundtrack.
Blade Runner
comments: I like movies with symbolism. I also like movies that bring you some great effects and background music. This movie have everything. It's a science fiction with depth and a great story.
Star Wars
comments: I always wanted to be a spacewoman when I was little, all because of Star Wars and Star Trek. I thought the adult world would be like that when I grew up. I'm a huge science fiction fan, so I can watch these things over and over again.
comments: I like this because it is based on Virginia Wolf's novel and I really like her work. It's a story of a unique personality in a grey world. It's philosophy, psychology and human sadness.
comments: Francis Ford Coppola's version is my favorite (I love all his movies). I think it brings out the melancholy and the true philosophy to Bram Stokers story. I'm not such a fan of the old Dracula movies, but I like the Nosferatu ones.

My favorite authors:

Stephen King
comments: The king of horror in my view. I love the creepy world that King have created in his work. My favorites are "The Stand" & "Salems Lot". I also like the movies, pretty much all of them.
J.R.R. Tolkien
comments: "The Hobbit" and "Lord Of The Rings" is my favorite books, I've loved them for so long. Frodo is my hero and Middle Earth would be the perfect place to be. The world of Tolkien creates a whole lot of awake dreams.
Neil Gaiman
comments: Gaiman is my favorite comic book writer, they include real stories and great art work. My most favorite comic is "A Game Of You" from the Sandman series. I like all of his comics as well as Gaiman's novels just as much.
Roald Dahl
comments: Ah, I would love to live in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Another favorite by him is "The Witches", but I like all the books by Roald Dahl. I also like the movies they have made of some of them.
C.S. Lewis
comments: Great fantasy fiction. My favorite of his books are the "The Chronicles Of Narnia". I've always wanted to own that magical closet. Apart from this, Lewis has lots of great books.

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