"Civilised Conversation In A Land Of Barbarians."

Okay. I used to journal religiously, but had dropped the habit. I'm going to try to use this as a way to keep everyone up to date on what's going on with me, as well as scraping off the psychological scum that accumulates at the top of the tank, as it were.

My favorite diaries:

faithnomore profile - diary
comments: one of my best friends in the world writes here. She's real neat! *Hi, Miss A!*
Katybug profile - diary
comments: the first person whose diaryland diary i had ever checked out!!
ByTwilight profile - diary
comments: This is, quite possibly, the most amazing journal I've seen in a long time. I asked her to design a look for MY diary, and she liked my entries so much that SHE DID IT? ISN'T THAT GREAT?!?
freuds-fave profile - diary
comments: This is totally hysterical. You MUST check out the entry from 8 Aug 2001. Laughed until I heaved.
allden profile - diary
comments: Just plain sweet!
dreemfreek profile - diary
comments: likes to wash her pillows and read about my weightloss. a real cutie!
candyyce profile - diary
comments: one of the coolest people I know. I wish I were her, often...
aurora55 profile - diary
comments: Jamie is so cool. What else can I say?
drewd profile - diary
comments: Drew is so funny! How can you NOT love a person who spells everything the CORRECT (British) way?!?
sooner profile - diary
comments: Brian is so sweet. Hysterically funny. Good writer. Damn.
whitewash profile - diary
comments: Tom is Brian's partner. I have great expectations for this one.
peth profile - diary
comments: Peth is a friend of Brian. They work together at the library with Theresa, the old-as-Methusala-and-just-as-auditorialy-gifted wad of hysterical stories.
everfalling profile - diary
comments: I reviewed her. She earned a 99 out of 100, and I've been reading ever since.
purplemelon profile - diary
comments: A very sweet girl.
petrichor profile - diary
comments: What can I say? The reason for this one being on my favorites list is kind of self-explanitory.
ann-frank profile - diary
comments: Hysterically funny. Damn.
fallingeagle profile - diary
comments: My dear friend David. Sometiems he goes through stuff. He recently told me that he was surprised that I would talk to him, but I'm one of those people who you can't end a friendship with. So let that be a valuable lesson to the rest of you: use

My favorite music:

Tori Amos
comments: She's gotten me through a lot. Owe a lot to her. Her music is good enough to make me cry, too.
comments: Portuguese Fado group that I find quite relaxing, especially at work...
Ani DiFranco
comments: Little Plastic Castle was the first of hers I had listened to. Beautiful stuff.
comments: too many to list...

My favorite movies:

comments: Funny as hell.
Noises Off!
comments: Gotta love a good farce.
Mystery Science Theatre 3000, The Movie
comments: If you've ever made fun of anything, you have to watch this movie.
Dancer In The Dark
comments: After seeing this movie, I was beyond the emotional stage where you cry. I was too frozen to cry, but wanted to, desperately.
comments: too many to list...

My favorite authors:

J. D. Salinger
comments: The Catcher In The Rye was recommended to me by one of my favorite high school teachers. Damn good book.
Elizabeth Wurtzel
comments: Prozac Nation was my personal favorite, though the other ones were good, too.
Clarion West 2001
comments: A group of fantasy/sci-fi writers that stayed as guests in my building for six weeks in the Summer of 2001. Really great people to be around. *I miss you guys!!*
Lori Gottlieb
comments: Stick Figure is really easy to get into. Love it.

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