Terribly Sane

Sane, probably.

My favorite diaries:

ronkc profile - diary
comments: Dorm life survival and college survival while trying to figure out things.
shadraq profile - diary
comments: (Discontinued) The only rambler that doesn't bore me.
stuckinsleep profile - diary
comments: (Discontinued) Writing is real raw. I like it.
evsdr profile - diary
comments: (No Longer Updated) Its real, its good, real good.
semirhage profile - diary
comments: Emerging out of a dead relationship, growing, enduring, learning..
pianosa profile - diary
comments: Madness and sanity are so alike.
underthegrey profile - diary
comments: (Discontinued) Its locked. Don't even try clicking on it.
secretblardy profile - diary
comments: (Discontinued) Was a remarkable person with a remarkable diary. But its another dead diary now.
circusmask profile - diary
comments: I am a regular reader of this one and consider her soul kin.
kittenpurrr profile - diary
comments: (Discontinued)
firestarfae profile - diary
comments: A local diary -- the dead dolls still disturb me somewhat, but aren't enough to stop me from adding this to my favorite list.
hapithoughts profile - diary
comments: (Discontinued)
kubi profile - diary
comments: (Discontinued)
apexsensatin profile - diary
comments: A local diariest. Goes to more music concerts in a month than I have gone to in my entire life.
perceptions profile - diary
comments: I don't even need to write anything here. This is perceptions.
sporkqueen profile - diary
comments: (Discontinued) "I never thought it would turn into something so important, for my sanity, for feeling connected, for helping me to figure so much stuff out."
jeia profile - diary
comments: "I've been damaged for so long... what am I going to do with being whole, when it comes?"
mrsensitive profile - diary
comments: "You know what I hate about this time of year? All these pinheads spend the first part of this week going, "Boy, it sure gets dark early now!" And what's worse, I'm totally one of those pinheads."
tent profile - diary
comments: (Discontinued)
finalscore profile - diary
comments: "i'm going to write this until i have something to say i'm going to write this until i have something to say i'm going to write this until"
heraghty profile - diary
comments: "I don't set out to reminisce, to think about what happened four years ago �- or four nights ago. But memories young and old seek me out, linger ... and slip away. "
l-luthor profile - diary
simply-red profile - diary
comments: Yes, I am already on a notifylist for her diary, but eh, just in case I don't check my e-mail, like I sometimes don't.
virtu profile - diary
comments: "I had no idea...... I had no idea."
agoatnamedaz profile - diary
comments: Anyone who can make me laugh out loud like her must be added to the buddy list.
mcearstix profile - diary
comments: Travels the world. I am vicariously traveling the world through her words. And envying somewhat.
camera-girl profile - diary
comments: I love taking pictures. I love looking at pictures. Simple.
wetbluepaint profile - diary
comments: everything is beautiful

My favorite music:

Bettie Serveert
comments: They are my favs. They are the first band I have ever called that. They resonate something in me and I love it.
comments: Song 2 --- my nirvana.
comments: Blame my older brother, not me. He forced me to like them. But, give em a shot anyway -- most upbeat out of all of these by far.
comments: No comment is needed here. Its Queen. I mean, come on.
Modest Mouse
comments: Blame It On the Tetons, Black Cadillacs, Dig Your Grave, The Good Times Are Killing Me

My favorite movies:

Matchstick Men
comments: This movie effected me powerfully. I still need to learn from it.
The Road Home
comments: Chinese foreign film. A romance film that actually has romance, shows it, and shows love. Most of the time all we get to see of love in movies is the sex part. Did I say this movie was awesome?
It's a Beautiful Life
comments: Italian foriegn film. A geniune film about life and laughing when misery is closing down upon you.
Il Postino
comments: Italian foriegn film, storyline involves Pablo Neruda and his mailman. Love this movie and its soundtrack!
The Wedding Singer
comments: Not every movie must be profound and deep. It can be predictable and cheesy, but if well done, I love it.

My favorite authors:

Ursula K. Le Guin
comments: Brilliance.
Shunryu Suzuki
comments: Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind
Alan Watts
comments: Brilliant Eastern philosopher who happens to be a Westerner. This guy is just.. awesome.
Pablo Neruda
comments: Great, great poet.
Italo Calvino
comments: My mind resonates in his words.

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