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It's a new day.......

It's a new day: Open my eyes and the path is clearer

It's a new day: Pushin' ahead til my goal is nearer

It's a new day

Spread my wings…I'm doin' things my way

It's a new day.

- Patti LaBelle

..... It's a new day, new diary, new attitude. New sense of direction, new form of reflections on the things I wish to see happen in my reality. It's a BRAND NEW DAY each day that I live on to see everything that manifests through me. It's a new day. Share it with me!



My favorite diaries:

onelitcandle    profile - diary
comments:  My old diary
Pandionna    profile - diary
comments:  I really like her style
lostinmylove    profile - diary
comments:  My best friend,... she is such a beautiful person - I love her so much
saddam2005    profile - diary
comments:  Whoever this is keeps me cracking up!
daze-of-rain    profile - diary
comments:  She has a strong voice
candoor    profile - diary
comments:  Candoor gives great comments! =)
breakthedark    profile - diary
comments:  I really like this diary - the words are beautiful.
jakalope    profile - diary
comments:  "Remember: No matter how good he looks right now, some girl, somewhere is tired of putting up with his shit. "
lifeasme66    profile - diary
comments:  I followed a banner to this one - I liked what she had to say
pinkbowshoe    profile - diary
comments:  An awesome person - she's strong.
f-girl    profile - diary
comments:  Her writing reminds me a lot of pinkbowshoe
jadedhopes    profile - diary
comments:  Very good diary - very good banner
achems-razor    profile - diary
comments:  This is my best friend's husband's diary - always thought provoking
banefulvenus    profile - diary
comments:  Left me a note and I loved what I read when I followed the diary.
nubiandoll    profile - diary
comments:  This is my sistergyrl's diary. She's the greatest!
hot-lunch    profile - diary
comments:  The love of my life - the man who will soon be my husband. :)

My favorite music:

comments:  I will eternally be a Shirley Manson fan
comments:  She envokes the deep side of me
comments:  He's just sexy - there's nothing else to say
Fertile Ground
comments:  Kind of underground, but they have an awesome sound
New Edition
comments:  The first concert I ever went to, and I am a lifelong fan

My favorite movies:

Dead Poets Society
comments:  My fav movie of ALL time
A Bronx Tale
comments:  On my list
Steel Magnolias
comments:  I'm a southern girl - what can I say?
The Life of David Gale
comments:  I'm a Kevin Spacey fan AND I'm from Texas
Man Without a Face
comments:  This movie makes me cry

My favorite authors:

Maya Angelou
comments:  She's one of my favorite poets
Nikki Giovanni
comments:  She IS my favorite poet
Dean Koontz
comments:  I like how he writes - his books always keep me interested
Aaron McGruder
comments:  His comics make me laugh
Wally Lamb
comments:  "I Know This Much Is True" is one of my favorite books

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