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My favorite diaries:

less-than3 profile - diary
comments: if only she knew how amazing she is!
humanspirit profile - diary
comments: ha! thought we shared a b-day because she wrote ABOUT her b-day on mine..... but they are close to the same day! (i'm a dork!)
oneredshoe profile - diary
comments: going to school for fashion... how cool is that?!
pixie-grl profile - diary
comments: a fun old diary to read
thekirks profile - diary
comments: what a nice chick! :o)
pennylane731 profile - diary
comments: future lines to be read and studied in english classes across the nation
notalptrixie profile - diary
comments: this sometimes sounds like i could have written it during the b.s. years (b-efore s-hane.)
clarity25 profile - diary
comments: this is just such a freakin' fun and cool diary. always something new
beautyx3 profile - diary
comments: she parties the way a girl should.
neon7c profile - diary
comments: the dark side..... hee, hee.
d1mndn3r0ugh profile - diary
comments: sometimes her entries sound like they are ripped out of my head--- even the exact lines i would say.
ventichai profile - diary
comments: what an upbeat and fun diary, even when she's pissed, she does it in a way to make me laugh
fallmode profile - diary
comments: an old, friend.... sometimes an old enemy!
pinkbowshoe profile - diary
comments: wow... weird how much we have in common! :o)
its-a-newday profile - diary
comments: the first entry i read was dear alcohol.... wow. i laughed a bit, but mostly had the i've been there too many times feeling!
claritynew profile - diary
comments: --locked--
ljo83 profile - diary
comments: "Have you ever been scared that nobody's ever going to love you like you love them? "--- my daily mantra. :o)
mixedup profile - diary
comments: i followed a banner to the entry dated 8.16.5. i read that one entry and it hit so close to home-- i'm hooked!
rae2005 profile - diary
comments: we seem to have a lot in common
rougelips profile - diary
comments: and old friend in a new place
evildilara profile - diary
comments: she complains about her small ass... god, i'm jealous already *hee, hee*
dieselengine profile - diary
comments: cracks me up; really, a funny one.
cause-ofyou profile - diary
comments: it needs to be said.
the-doughnut profile - diary
comments: OH.MY.GOD. how long should it take me to figure out thiswas here????? i such a dork!!! glad to find it. *hits head because i am so dumb!*
sandandfog profile - diary
comments: a really great person i am so glad i "met" here
blazingstar profile - diary
comments: new read.... comment to come :o)
ticktrix profile - diary
comments: the first one i read when i clicked her page, "unemployed," had me cracking up! i have a german bitch, too! :o)
ecstasia profile - diary
comments: she is so many things i wish i was, yet we have do have many things in common.
falldreams profile - diary
comments: my crazy-assed dreams... probably much weirder to me than anyone else!
rainforme profile - diary
comments: she thinks the thoughts i used to think and wish i still was thoughful enough to think them.

My favorite music:

The Doors
comments: I would love to be inside Jim Morrison's head for just one day. (Well, back then, not now that he's dead.)
Led Zeppelin
comments: Just Classic
Pink Floyd
comments: I love to turn off all the lights, close my eyes, and just listen
Johnny Cash
comments: What an amazing man
Velvet Revolver
comments: An old rock and roll band (okay, two) reborn into something ever better

My favorite movies:

There's Something About Mary
comments: Hey, she's a Niners fan!
comments: Another Classic
One Crazy Summer
comments: This, along with Better Off Dead, are 80's Masterpieces
Usual Suspects
comments: I seem to always guess endings to movies. (My husband hates that.) But this one got me. Very good!
Forest Gump
comments: He is the most beautiful human being. A lot to be learned about life from this movie. I cry like a baby every time...

My favorite authors:

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