locking up because this life only gets better, right?

and it will all be a blur tomorrow...

My favorite diaries:

less-than3 profile - diary
comments: amazing, if only she could see it.
findmeagain profile - diary
comments: where are you? i miss you, and i worry about you!
humanspirit profile - diary
comments: she is so cool i let her share my birthday.... jk :o)
oneredshoe profile - diary
comments: going to school for fashion... how cool is that?!
shewhowalks profile - diary
comments: such a good writer!
fat0free0air profile - diary
comments: i hope you can someday realize your own beauty just as you are!
jnw77 profile - diary
comments: says a lot of the things i think.
fallredapple profile - diary
comments: chaning positions in life is SO hard.
andwebreathe profile - diary
comments: her emotions hit home
pixie-grl profile - diary
comments: this one's gone now :o)
thekirks profile - diary
comments: what a sweetheart!
pennylane731 profile - diary
comments: soon to be famous poetry. see it here first on dl.
notalptrixie profile - diary
comments: reminds me a lot of my dating years.
clarity25 profile - diary
comments: just another freakin' cool diary. (and i love the songs!)
pretended profile - diary
comments: so many thoughts that make me say, "yeah, exactly!"
beautyx3 profile - diary
comments: another party girl.... but i miss her too. where are you?
neon7c profile - diary
comments: the coolest chick around that lets me stalk her.
younameit profile - diary
comments: he's so nice!
rose-shadow profile - diary
comments: please come back!
d1mndn3r0ugh profile - diary
comments: weird how she thinks my thoughts!
ventichai profile - diary
comments: such an upbeat girl, fun to read.

My favorite music:

The Doors
comments: I would LOVE to just know what was in Jim Morrison's head!
Pink Floyd
comments: Just amazing... close your eys, lay down, turn the lights off, and listen
Johnny Cash
comments: Well, he's only a singer (not band), but he broke all barriers and wasn't afraid

My favorite movies:

There's Something about Mary
comments: "she's a niner's fan"-- I am a niners fan.... and the movie is hilarious
In Love and War
comments: That is the sadest movie; mostly because it is true

My favorite authors:

Ernest Hemmingway
comments: He wrote his pains away
Harper Lee
comments: To Kill A Mockingbird is one EVERYONE should read

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